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Traditions are traditions – at least when you repeat at least once, right? So last year I started to review my year with SharePoint – lets do it again.

Conferences & Social

2013 started great – after several attempts I convinced my company to send me to the very last SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas – and it was epic. Not only that I covered 30 SharePoint sessions, I met friends and new friends – I knew some of them via Twitter for a long time, but meeting in person is a totally different story, of course! If you wanna relieve my experience including my summary you can read my posts here.

On the speaking side, I submitted 10-15 sessions this year, some where accepted, some rejected. I was accepted in Zรผrich, Switzerland at Collaboration Days (international speaker, yay!) and in Duesseldorf at ShareConf, Germany – I had good fun and received good feedback. The most challenging speaking engagement was SP24 – even tho my session was pre-recorded. My inner devil forced me to record my session (50 Minutes) multiple times – in the end I did not need a script, even for the jokes ๐Ÿ˜‰

Additionally I visted the User Group in Munich several times – of course I had a search talk there. Will continue that in 2015, for sure.

With Dave Hollembaek, we started an “informal gathering” / Stammtisch about Enterprise Search (we are not limited to SharePoint, but focused) in Munich – if you wanna join, please feel free!

More conferences are on my roadmap for 2015! 

Blogs & Comments

I spent some time with my little blog this year – new theme with mobile support and 31 blog posts – on the statistics side (I love analytics!) I had 78,783 views on my blog (82% more than 2013) and 133 comments (29% more than 2013) with 103 blog posts in total.


Posting Patterns 2014 - Ipost on Wednesdays

Posting Patterns 2014 – Ipost on Wednesdays

My most viewed posts:

1. #SharePoint 2013 – Create a Search Service Application and Search Topology with Powershell 53 comments 14,409 views
2. Install Office Web Apps 2013 for SharePoint 2013 – with PDF Preview 53 comments 12,536 views
3. Cache cluster is down, restart the cache cluster and Retry 11 comments 6,665 views
4. Installing SharePoint 2013 SP1 with SQL Server 2014 on Windows Server 2012 R2 – Picture Love Story 6 comments 6,465 views
5. Powershell: List all IIS WebApplications (.net version, state, identity) 19 comments 5,797 views
  1. was published in 2014 – the others are older posts.

Where do all the visitors come from?

USAUnited States 22,490 views
GermanyGermany 6,237 views
IndiaIndia 5,177 views
UKUnited Kingdom 4,789 views
CanadaCanada 3,342 views

In total my blog was visited from 176 countries.

Search Projects

When I look at my projects of 2014 most of them were somehow SharePoint Search-related. My clients are obviously the best – so they gave my some pretty nice challenges, mostly integration of SAP or third party systems – or indexing huge volumns (90,000,000 items in 2 weeks). Thanks for the continued trust!

SharePoint Certifications

I only managed to pass two Certifications last year – but a new years resolution is to finish both my MCSE (only 70-332 missing!!!) and MCSD for SharePoint 2013. I tried to register for a training, but I was greated with:

After December 31st, 2014 if you wish to take a Microsoft certification exam, please visit the Microsoft Learning web site for further information.

So I tried to scheduled an online proctored exam – but Germany is not on the list… so I scheduled a on-site exam beginning of January. Yay!

Predictions {.}

  • 2015 will be the year of search! Again.

For 2014 I predicted that the Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2013 will bring some major search enhancements – some under the hood features were added, but I am still waiting for the long “announced” push API. I hope to see Delve for on-prem installations, too – but I think that will stay a wish. On the other side, that will hopefully push some to the cloud – or hybrid at least.

  • Hosting on Azure for Dev/Test will even more accelerate โ€“ even in Germany.

I said the same almost last year. But I saw some changes, some new clients moved directly to Office 365 – some at least looked at it. Cloud is still not very popular in Germany, in 2015 I hopefully see some more traction.

Happy New Year!

I wish you all a healthy and wealthy Happy New Year. Hope to see you soon!

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