Max Melcher

Ignite 2016 session about apps, mobile experiences and intelligent portals by Andy Haon (@andyhaon) and Nate Clinton (@nate_clinton). Here are my notes: SharePoint Home I was a little late to the session, so only a screenshot from the slides:

Mobile Apps Approach: look at the key workloads in regards to SharePoint and bring them to the mobile apps on all platforms.

Things they learned: Sign-in issues (a lot), analysis of top requests and implementing them

Max Melcher

Watch out, I am attending a developer session! Mainly because Scott Hanselman is the speaker and I totally love his style. Developers!

This session will give us a broad overview of all the new things for devs – so we start with the current options of Visual Studio: 12.7 Mio downloads of Visual Studio 2 Mio Visual Studio Code 4 Mio users of Visual Studio Team Services Developers are important!

Max Melcher

Recently my colleagues and I created a lot of SharePoint provider-hosted addins – in our case that is just a MVC Website hosted on Azure that talks balk to SharePoint. And I have to say it is good fun because we could actually debug a production site/business application in case something unforeseeable happens (aka. bugs). And the integration in Visual Studio via the Cloud Explorer could not be simpler. Right click on the website, attach debugger and see the problem.