Max Melcher

6 minute read

I took the AZ-200 beta exam last year and the exam did not make it out of beta. It was replaced with the AZ-203 exam. I am pretty sure that I did not meet the 70% threshold to be automatically credited with the AZ-203 certification. I had to learn for the AZ-201 certification anyways. Here is my list of links that I use to prepare for the exam. Topics and Links Develop Azure Infrastructure as a Service Compute Solutions (10-15%) Implement solutions that use virtual machines (VM) Provision VMs

Max Melcher

5 minute read

Yesterday I noticed, that my blog did not have the very best urls for my posts than I could have - my last post had the url /post/2018-12-29-Recapping-2018/ and actually I thought it would (and should!) produce something like this: /2018/12/Recapping-2018-90-days-at-Microsoft/ After changing the urls to the correct schema (more in a bit) I noticed that the yearly (e.g. /2018) or monthly (e.g. /2018/12) links do not work at all.

In this post, I show you how I fixed those problems.