Enterprise Productivity & Search – June 2016

23 Jun 2016
June 23, 2016

On June, 6th 2016 we have met at Alegri in Munich to have our very own Enterprise Productivity & Search meetup. This time David Hollembaek talked about Usage Analytics and how to easily gain insights by using Azure Application Insights.

We had ~10 attendees, great questions and lots of fun.

Usage Analytics

Dave told us how easily it is to setup App Insights and add it to a page to track events. We had a short discussion “what to track” and whether there is a too much  (my opinion: grab as much as you can and filter later). He has two blog posts about this matter (“Make better decisions with Usage Analytics in O365 and SharePoint“, “Make Better Decisions with Usage Analytics Part 2“) – but best of all, here shared his slides here. Identify use cases, start measuring, analyze the results, optimize – and repeat! You need some reasons to prioritize features?


Enterprise Productivity - Usage Analytics

Enterprise Productivity – Usage Analytics. Dave Hollembaek is presenting!

Some snacks and free beer!

Some snacks and free beer!

Are you in Munich? Join us!

München Enterprise Productivity & Search

München, DE
36 Enterprise Productivity Enhancer

This informal gathering is about networking, knowledge sharing, troubleshooting, and getting to know all about enterprise productivity solutions – emphasis on Search. We previ…

Check out this Meetup Group →

So if you are in Munich I would be happy to see you at our next meetup!

User Group Munich: SharePoint 2016 Hybrid with Samuel Zuercher

20 Jun 2016
June 20, 2016

Some quick notes  (more a braindump) about the last SharePoint User Group in Munich (6/14/2016) with Samuel Zuercher. Samuel was apparently a little sick, but still presented remotely!

That was one of the funniest User Group in a while, I had good fun and Samuel delivered some solid info about SharePoint 2016 hybrid story.

Hybrid Overview by Samuel Zuercher

  1. Start with OneDrive
  2. Shared with me does not work with mixed content.
  3. Hybrid sites – no provisioning support
  4. No hybrid for Managed Metadata – woot?
  5. App Launcher does not show full experience. Results are separated by environment – hopefully fixed soon, this will be a problem for lots of users. Confuses me, too!
  6. No migration of sites – a scenario picker with support options would be great here.
Attention level is high!

Attention level is high!

SharePoint is like iceberg, management and end users only see the tip of it – Samuel Zuercher

Scenario Picker

  1. OneDrive
  2. Hybrid Sites
  3. More scenarios will follow

Social story

Out of the box newsfeed not recommended. 100% same functionality as for SP2013, maybe even the exact same code.

Site Provisioning

Provisioning: App Model und Remote Provisioning (officepnp)Machine generated alternative text: ON PREMISE PROVISIONING THROUGH POWERSHELL to approve Site Requests oroÄsion an On Prem or Is XML that runs in a (Cn Ft±rn) including a Template -STSO (Teamstte)

Teamsite template is the only good template  – Samuel Zuercher

Provision site templates with site deletion policy to implement governance.

Site Provisioning with Powershell

Site Provisioning with PowerShell

Hybrid Search

Configuration is complex, script-based solution is available makes your life easier!


Solid session, free beer (thanks AvePoint!) and many like-minded! Good stuff!

TFS 2015 Upgrade to Update 1 failed (VS402388 / TF401147)

08 Mar 2016
March 8, 2016

Recently I tried to upgrade a TFS 2015 installation for a client to Update 1. Because I did not find a solution in the internet (even with the error code TF401147), it’s time to blog about a solution.

Installation of Update 1 – VS402388 / TF401147

The installation of update 1 worked perfectly: In the first place I installed it because we wanted to move TFS to a more performant server and I installed the new server with TFS 2015 Update 1. Once I tried to connect the new server with the configuration database it told me that the database is old and I need to update it. Well, let’s just update the old server I said to myself (lessons learned here, trust me!) – installed, rebooted server during lunch time and run the upgrade wizard. It stopped because it could not create the IIS site hosting TFS:

I checked IIS and the site was not there anymore. IISReset and deleting all app pools – same result. Removing the IIS role from the server – same result. Then I focused on the server certificate, it was in the cert store but expired on 12.01.2016 – mhh… changed the system clock back to 11.01.2016 – same result. So i was stuck.

Always have a ‘Plan B’ – and backups!

Luckily, as mentioned, the final goal was to move TFS to a new server. So I did the upgrade of the configuration database on the new server and installed the application tier there – changed the URL and at least the web interface was back and people could continue working. Did I mention that I was super happy that I created backups before?

Getting help!

Once an error occurs within the TFS installation or upgrade you are requested to send the zipped logs to tfcare@microsoft.com – and I did so.


I was really surprised to get a reply within 20 minutes – not an automated one as I expected, Vladimir Khvostov replied instantly. After explaining my problems and verifying that the IIS is really empty, Vladimir told me to delete  C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Team Foundation\Configuration\SavedSettings\ApplicationTier   and try again:help from vladimir

And that worked, thanks again Vladimir!

If that happens again with Update 2 (I am really awaiting that one!), I won’t even hesitate to send a line to those awesome guys!

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