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Session by Rolando Jimenez

Build a new class of apps that extend and personalize the way we create and consume information right from within Office…

  • More than 700.000 SharePoint Developers.
  • Cloud is the focus (surprise)


Demo in Excel: Apps for Office right from the ribbon. Rolando showed a funny app “Bubbles” where you can visualize data in bubbles. He used existing JavaScript Frameworks, so it was easy to create.

2nd demo in Excel: Again visualization, this time it’s a country visualization. Additionally he pulled data from WolframAlpha into excel, the last one is very cool for natural queries. He added the population of a given country from one column into another column – good stuff!

3rd demo: Rolando showed AvePoint Meetings – apparently the first time it did not work – but generally the idea behind it is simple and very cool.



SharePoint 2007 = Full trust solutions (powerful but potentially dangerous)

SharePoint 2010 = Sandboxed solutions (too limited, restricted) and client side applications

SharePoint 2013 = Apps, Apps, Apps

More demos!

Next demos where in Visual Studio – Rolando showed how to create data in lists and libraries, create Tasks and the usual stuff. Then he showed how to create a Windows Phone App to connect to SharePoint.

Outook App: The integration is very cool. Outlook recognized that there is related content in SharePoint and showed the corresponding Task from.

My Evaluation

So many demos and impressions – I definitely see potential here. Memo to myself: Spent more time with it.

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