Cache cluster is down, restart the cache cluster and Retry

05 Feb 2013
February 5, 2013

Had a small issue with my SharePoint 2013 MySite today, I could not update a User Profile in Central Admin – this is what I got from the ULS Log:


ULSViewer: The exception is pointing us in the right direction.

The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.LMTRepopulationJob (ID 104963a2-b53c-4476-bc23-fa7d6453e42f) threw an exception. More information is included below.  Unexpected exception in FeedCacheService.IsRepopulationNeeded: Cache cluster is down, restart the cache cluster and Retry.

At least the error message pointed me to the right direction, the Cache Cluster is new in SharePoint 2013 and I associated it with the app fabric distributed cache. As I first read it it sounded like “The King is dead – long live the King!” – but maybe I watch to many movies…


Restart the app fabric service and wait a couple of second with a line of powershell:

Max Melcher
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Max Melcher

Maximilian Melcher (MCSE, MCPD) is a Principal Consultant working at Alegri International Services in Munich, Germany. Max is a specialist in SharePoint technologies focused on search, social computing, web content management and collaboration. Max has led SharePoint implementations for Dax 30 companies since 2009.
Max’s free time is spent on twitter (@maxmelcher) mostly with a good coffee in his hands.
Max Melcher
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12 replies
  1. Francois says:

    not working for me – still get the same message

  2. John says:

    Really surprised you posted such rudimentary solution thinking it’s a fix-all. This is a why bother post.

  3. fabio says:

    bother or not, it doesn’t work, and I’m not the only one

  4. Stefan says:


    I’m seeing this error appear in my job history for a farm application server as a job failure. However, the AppFabric service is not running on this server – it was initially, right after installation, but was removed later; it’s now running on the two WFEs only. Why then is a feedcach repopulation job failure appearing for a non-existent member of the cache cluster?

    When I check the AppFabric cluster health (Get-CacheClusterhealth), it is Up for both, and the application server does not appear in this listing – only the two WFEs. When I check the service instance status (Get-SPServiceInstance…), it is Online for both, and again the application server does not appear in this listing.

    Thus, this job failure seems entirely erroneous. How do I resolve it? Is there a configuration file that still retains a this cache host in its cahce host listing? I would be grateful for any guidance, and thanks for your time.

  5. David says:

    Dear Max,

    You are a massive tool.




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