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My Links in SharePoint 2013

04 Jan 2013
January 4, 2013

the My Links “vanished” in SharePoint 2010 – they were no longer visible. The Problem: Some clients heavily utilize those server-side favorites.

SharePoint 2010

The links are stored in the Database and the controls to manage the favorites and the page for that is there. Luckily the migration from SP2007 to SP2010 migrated the links, too. Just the control in the ribbon was missing – but there is a very good codeplex solution for that.

SharePoint 2013

In case you are wondering if you could use the links in SharePoint 2013 – the page to manage the links is still there:

SharePoint 2013 - Manage "My Links" page

SharePoint 2013 – Manage “My Links” page

One question is open: Are the links migrated from SP2010 to SP2013? I have not tried it yet but I will update this post as soon as I can confirm it.

Powershell: Create the BDC Service Application for SharePoint 2013

02 Jan 2013
January 2, 2013

Here a small script to provision the Business Data Connectivity Service Application-without ugly GUID in the database name.

Its basically an extended version of my Provision Search Service Application script, just a little cleaned-up. During the creation (some would say copy & paste) I wondered why the proxy is created automatically – at first I had two proxies.


Pictures or it did not happen!


Business Data Connectivity Database with a beautiful name (and you can see my Managed Metadata Service Database is still ugly)


SP2013 BDC Service Application

Provisioned BDC Service Application


Questions / Issues ?

If I missed a thing or if you have questions – go for it!

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