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Learn how we move fast without breaking things by managing change in SharePoint Online #BRK2297

30 Sep 2016
September 30, 2016

Session with Zohar Raz (SharePoint Group Manager) and Lincoln DeMaris (Principal Program Manager) how to manage change in SharePoint Online.

Learn how SharePoint is introducing change faster than ever before, while still being extra sensitive to customer readiness and customer feedback. We are heavily investing in our technology to enable organizations to control and prepare for the changes in the experience. Come learn your role in this cloud evolution and what resources we provide to make you successful.


Here are my notes:

Changes to SharePoint Online

Massive updates and new feature have been rolled out to SharePoint Online this year, most changes to the product ever. The list since last ignite is really huge and they come in ripples instead of waves (as for onPrem).


And once they make it out of the lab, it will be tested in multiple stages before it arrives at the first customer (first release ring):


Interesting to see how they roll out updates and implemented “kill switches” – and all that with PowerShell.

Another thing is this slide  -its from a PowerBI dashboard were Microsoft monitors service requests and can react to early feedback:


It looks like more than 40% of all service requests in the first releease ring are because of OneDrive for Business…!!!

Modern UI Philosophy

Change fast and early. Lincoln explained that the goal of the modern UI is to optimize the experience for all customers with the new UI while still having the classic experience available.


The modern document library was rolled out and Microsoft learned a lot.

We got mixed feedback on this (Lincoln)

Oh yes, I can imagine…

Since initial roll out (6th April) there have been rolled out there was a massive wave of feedback.

Things that they wont do anymore:

  1. Massive change without upfront notification
  2. Roll out to all of the first release customers in one batch
  3. Putting a big banner to show everybody that there is a change


Update awareness

The following describes what we should do be up to date and be ahead of the frequent changes :


Provide feedback

Uservoice and the feedback options in the message center are the places to provide feedback.

Questions from the audience

Q: How can we get notified once a feature arrives on my tenant? A: Currently not possible, investigation how to implement a kind of “tenant changelog” are running.

Q: How will breaking changes be announced ahead and how much time will we have to adjust? A: The intention is to give you months if not years to adjust.


Interesting facts and insights in this very last Ignite 2016 session – keep the updates coming, embrace the change!

Go watch the recording once its available!

SharePoint 2013: Replace the PDF icon

18 Sep 2012
September 18, 2012

Icon madness

I uploaded a PDF to SharePoint 2013 and noticed that the PDD icon is not the official and recognizable Adobe PDF icon. In this article I will tell you how to replace the SharePoint 2013 PDF icon.


OOTB PDF icon from SharePoint 2013

Is it a document with a belt or what ? Nevermind I don’t like it and I am very certain that most of the users out there do not recognize the icon – and that is the main purpose of the icon right?


Search result with out-of-the-box SharePoint 2013 PDF icon

With SharePoint 2010 there was no PDF support out of the box – afaik there was no icon at all. I should be happy and quite right? Nope, created a small powershell that replaced the icon (either you place it next to the script or the script downloads it from the Adobe page).

The result will look like this – way better if you ask me.


Original PDF icon – as expected!


Same icon in a document library


Powershell to the rescue – once again!

And here comes the small script:


Thats it – go try it!

As always, would love to hear your feedback.

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