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Download all SPC14 session slides (simple solution)

12 Mar 2014
March 12, 2014

Attended SPC14 in Las Vegas and want to download all slides? Here we go with a really simple solution – it only takes some times and roughly 100 clicks. Kudos to Sahil Malik for the script.

6 easy steps to download all SPC14 session slides

1. Open SPC14 Yammer: https://www.yammer.com/sharepointconference/groups/company/uploaded_files

2. Filter on Documents:


Filter on Documents to remove unwanted files

3. Scroll down and click on “More” until all elements are visible:


Scroll down and click on more – repeat until all files are visible.

4. Open Developer Tools (F12)

5. Paste in this script and execute:

Execute script to download all session slides

Execute script to download all session slides

If there is a popup warning allow them always and rerun the script.

6. Click on save until all files are downloaded.

Slides Slides Slides!

Slides Slides Slides!

Other options

I tried to create a console application to authenticate and download files – but that was so much pain that I went for the not so comfortable JavaScript variant. If you have improvements to this – leave a comment!

SPC14: My Summary

09 Mar 2014
March 9, 2014

Here is my summary of the SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas (3/3/2014 to 3/6/2014) – if you don’t want to ready everything: It was really good!


The Main Keynote was perfectly delivered – I did not notice a single glitch. Even the talk of President Bill Clinton was quite good, even though that he did not mention SharePoint with a single word.


The introduction of Project OSLO – for me as a Search guy was a really pleasant surprise – in my opinion the end users will like it because of its simplicity and you will get the relevant documents, not just everything.


My “wow” moment was when the presenter showed the OSLO app and then switched back to the SharePoint document library containing a couple hundred of documents and folders – you don’t want everything, right?



I always try to take notes and summarize every session for me on my blog – sometimes it’s a “fast publish” and contains not that much information, but I hope the gist is understandable. If not, feel free to comment or wait 30 days until the recordings are published on Channel 9.

I did not miss one single session – but the schedule was so full, sometime I had 5 sessions in parallel and had to choose just one of them. That’s the problem when you are interested in very broad area (ITPRO; DEV; Search). Additionally there was not that much room for me to explore the exhibit hall – but that’s not something I really miss.

In the case you want to read it – I created 19 posts for the conference:

  1. Migrating traditional SharePoint Solutions to App Model (PreConference Part 1)
  2. Refactoring Business Solutions into Apps for Office (PreConference Part 2)
  3. Keynote (Main Keynote with President Bill Clinton)
  4. What’s new for Office and SharePoint Developers (Developer Keynote)
  5. Introducing Codename Oslo and the Office Graph (read this – good stuff!)
  6. SharePoint 2013 hybrid end-to-end (Hybrid architecture is the new thing!)
  7. Real-world SharePoint architecture decisions (Wictor Wilén – that’s a must)
  8. Complex Problem Solving with the new HTML5 APIs (once my clients have new browsers I will profit from this session)
  9. Search-driven publishing for Intranet Portals in SharePoint Online (new Search Features in O365)
  10. Developing future-focused, on-premises solutions (Develop outside SharePoint than you are set for SP2013 / SP vNext / O365)
  11. Best practices for Hybrid Search deployments (Hybrid for Search in all details)
  12. Designing and applying information architecture for SharePoint and Office 365 (one of my not so technical sessions – liked it!)
  13. Build your own REST service with WebAPI 2 (nice and simple – will use it in my next App)
  14. Best practices for Information Architecture and Enterprise Search (Agnes again – good advice in this session)
  15. Futuristic Search applications using Kinect and Yammer! (that was a fun one – you have to watch the recoding once its live)
  16. Search architecture and sizing in SharePoint 2013 (that session was too short – I wanted this one to be for like 4 hours – high value for me)
  17. Effective Search deployment and operations in SharePoint 2013 (neat little tricks and some insights in this session)
  18. Managing Search Relevance in SharePoint 2013 and O365 (new Search Query Tool was announced in there – go get it!)

Additionally to the sessions, the concluding Q&A part was really worth to follow – the questions that were raised there were sometimes really challenging – and the responses of the speaker were good to know.


Ask the Experts was a great opportunity to meet the experts and members of the SharePoint product team – I asked some special questions and received some free advice – good stuff! I have never seen so many SharePoint Experts in one place – impressive!


That was the part that was amazing for me – I met so many people I know only via Twitter, from SharePoint StackOverflow or from contributing to Open Source projects like SharePoint 2013 Search Query Tool. Connecting with others, facing the same problems challenges was really worth to attend – lets keep in touch!

But – there were too many of them – even on the last day I met “new” attendees, I could have promised that they were not at the conference at all.

The Venetian

Is the Venetian a hotel? That place was huge! The session rooms were great, friendly staff to help you where to find the rooms – and coffee, drinks, snacks the whole time – really a perfect managed event.


Pre-Conference room


Floor in the Venetian

Las Vegas

Pictures are worth a hundred words – Las Vegas was really special:


Water show in front of the Bellagio


Metalogix “Best of Breed” Party – that was a good one.


Fake daylight – this really affects your mood.


Las Vegas View

Wish List for SPC2015

There is not much to change for SPC2015 – basically it boils down to three things:

  1. More options to charge my batteries – I really had problems creating my session notes after 4 hours because the session were so dense that there was not enough time to recharge my notebook.
  2. The Level 300/400 sessions most of the time started with basic stuff – I wanted it to go deeper, but for this you need time. Spending 15-30 min on basics is not the way to go. Maybe an increased “deep dive” sessions with 2 hours would be something.
  3. I want attend again – maybe as speaker, lets see how the next year goes.

Closing notes

I really liked the event – from crazy Las Vegas to sessions – it was the best SharePoint event I ever attended. That’s something!

SPC14: Search architecture and sizing in SharePoint 2013

06 Mar 2014
March 6, 2014

In this session we will dig into the new architecture for Search in SharePoint 2013. We will cover all architectural components, plus discuss the differences between the 2013 release versus FAST Search and search in SharePoint 2010. Microsoft has updated topology models for different sized deployments. This will be presented along with sizing and scaling data for both physical and virtual machines – actionable data you can use to assess and use during your planning phase. We will also cover planning for high availability, backup/restore, and migration.

Here are my session notes for “Search architecture and sizing in SharePoint 2013” by Barry Waldbaum and Thomas Molbach.

Search Architecture

Thomas briefly explained the Search Architecture – nothing new here for me, its very well documented on Technet.



SharePoint 2013 Search scales pretty well –. I tried it in a project and it works.


Web Front-End

Display Template, Query Rules – quite a lot happens on the web frontend.



With the analytics service you can do very great things because it provides the insights behind the “Trends” in SharePoint. It even provides a view counter.


Search Query Tool

Thomas showed some nice tricks with the awesome Search Query Tool. There is a property called recommendedfor that accepts a url and shows what other items are recommended for the given url. Then he filtered on ViewsRecent to show the elements that were recently clicked on.

More about the tool will be announced tomorrow by Mikael Svenson (blog).


Benchmark the VMs to verify that you get the performance they IT department promised you

Scaling from small 10M to 40M:

Average document size is 250KB

I use that as a rule of thumb, too – but it has constraints.

SharePoint 2010 had Single Point of Failures – SharePoint 2013 does not have this anymore

Large Topology: 100M Enterprise

24 Servers – phew.

October 2013 Cumulative Update

High Density Indexing: 4 Index Partitions per Node – this cut the amount of server requirements in half (less licenses!) but you have to scale up your hardware.

Q: Why only 10M items in one index?

A: Higher amount: Backup takes longer, Response time gets worse

Analytics: Scale-up, otherwise it eats more network.

That was incredible – I had to stop taking notes, really dense information delivery 🙂

Backup and Restore

Robust backup, no Query Downtime during backup – it is even supported to restore QA backup on PROD (same topology).



Create everything from scratch.

Search First Migration

Publish Search Service Application – done that, works great.

Migrate from SharePoint 2010

Attach the Search Service Application Database

Migrate from Fast Search For SharePoint 2010

Backup/Restore Database – PowerShell script to to some work.


Apparently 50% of the session was not in the description – I expected more Sizing and Architecture and was close to leave the audience. Then the good part with the sizing started and provided really good value to me. WOW – had a blast! The changes that happened in October 2013 CU/SP1 for search are really incredible. Additionally, I waited in the queue because there were so many questions – and learned even more. Great stuff. Did I say it was great yet?

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