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Discover what’s new and what’s coming to the SharePoint Mobile and Intelligent Intranet

27 Sep 2016
September 27, 2016

Session with Mark Kashmann (@mkashman) and Adam Harnetz (@adamharnetz) about whats coming for SharePoint intranets especially in regards to mobile.



Here are my session notes:

Customer usecase: Delta

Delta has 500 content creators; previously it was only posible to do that

80.000 employees, entire user base is 260.000 with externals.


Mobile is increasing

Replaced legacy technology

Delta is now starting to move to O365 SharePoint Online, but starts with OneDrive

Mobile App

Sites Tab is powered by Office Graph depending on your usage.

Once you open a site you see the new site experience in the app, starting with News, followed by Activity:


Popular & active content will be surfaced there.

Adam then showed end to end how to access SharePoint data from his iOS device, from list to user profiles.

The number one requested feature was “edit listitems”  – and thats coming to the mobile apps. The iOS is updated every second week, awesome.

“Intranet in your pocket” is the core idea of the apps – looks good.

“News” tab is brand new and not yet available:


It will show you news around you, not just from one teamsite.


The PowerApps will be integrated into the apps, they can be launced directly.


Links are coming document libraries, you get a flyout to add links to any url or to files you used based on Office Graph (?).


Again DocuSign is shown in the new document library experience, based on the new SharePoint Framework SPFx. More to come on this.

People Card / Profiles

Every User field now will be rendered as hover item called people card. It shows documents that the person created/recent documents and switch the full user profile (new experience!).

Outlook Integration

You can click on “get link” in SharePoint and paste the link into Outlook Online. It will then get rendered as a small preview with a small slug, neat!

Image Library

Images are now rendered in a lightbox, with slider controls to go to next/prev images.

Teamsite Sync with OneDrive Next Gen Sync Client

Thats a highly anticipated feature and its coming.

New Page Experience

The new editing experience is much better than the older – SharePoint, welcome to 2016! Its so much easier to customize a page, format text, add webparts. A big core component of SharePoint gets a major improvement. Awesome!


PowerApps #2

Simple option to request input from others, data is persisted in a SharePoint list.


Automate processes. Here a simple twitter integration was shown, need to look at this closer.



Busy year for the SharePoint team, lots of stuff was already shipped. Q4 updates look promising!

Q4 was about teamsites, 2017 will be about awesome publishing experience


2017: Improvements to addins are coming, responsiveness was mentioned! PowerApps and Flow get more power.

Teamsites works best when there is a hero in the organization




Great overview whats coming – mobile or not, it looks good and sounds promising! Go watch the recording once its available, I could not catch everything in this blog post and it’s definitely worth watching!

ShareCamp 2015 – Recap

01 Jun 2015
June 1, 2015

Germany’s latest and greatest SharePoint community event was last weekend (30.05.2015 & 31.05.2015 at Microsoft in Munich) – and it was awesome, once again!

ShareCamp Session Vote

ShareCamp Session Vote


200 attendees!

ShareCamp & Community

What is so special about ShareCamp? Easy question, it is entirely community-driven. On both days, Saturday and Sunday, there is a session vote before the “conference” starts. So the attendees prepare presentations and do a short intro during the vote – if more than 3 people raise their hand there will be a session and there were lots of em. 6 tracks in parallel if I recall it right. And the concept works for many years now, more than 200 attendees had a good time this year! Not to mention the SharePint party. The good thing here? No only experienced and known speakers get the chance to present their ideas. And not only the mainstream sessions get voted – there were a lot of close to or far way from SharePoint sessions. And I met a lot of old SharePoint friends that are spread over the country – good to see ya! 🙂

Alegri Team @ ShareCamp

Alegri Team @ ShareCamp

Sessions & Discussions

So what sessions did we have this year? A lot of them. Here is a list of the sessions I attended or prepared.

1. Azure Search vs SharePoint Search (2x)

On Saturday I held a presentation about Azure Search. The title was on purpose a little bit baiting, you can’t compare the incomparable here and that’s good. But I started with a brief overview what SharePoint Search is, how it evolved and talked about its strength and weaknesses. Then I switched over to the brand new Azure Search I evaluated for a client project. And showed a demo app that is (Sourcecode) available here. Basically I showed the entire Azure Search workflow from service & index creation, pushing documents via SharePoint to Azure Search – and the options you have to get items back out of it. I had good fun. So much, that I presented the session again on Sunday 🙂 Here I showed a second demo (available here) that indexed a local folder and pushed the filenames and paths to Azure Search. Does that sound familiar? I tried to cover some of the typical SharePoint content sources: SharePoint Content and Fileshares. It’s not even close what I showed but similar.

I received some good questions during the talk (out of my head in my words):

  • Where is the content? The content will be stored in Azure Search / Cloud.
  • Can you index Office Documents? Yes, but you need to extract the content of the files.
  • How about item security? If you want them, you have to build them. Azure Search has a different focus than SharePoint Search – keep that in mind. Different product, not a replacement!
  • Can you push items to the cloud? YES!!!
  • How you get the items back? You get them via the REST interface and they are transported as JSON.
  • Can you combine SharePoint Search and Azure Search? Not out of the box – you would need to create an opensearch provider that translates the JSON to opensearch compliant XML.
  • Is it ready yet? Yes, definitely. But I have the feeling Azure Search will improve rapidly in the near future.

My slides (German most of it) are available here – but as usual they are not as good without the demo.

Expect some blog posts here, I really like Azure Search!

2. Governance & JavaScript Solutions – how does that fit together?

My second session on Saturday with my colleagues Marco Schmucker and Matthias Edom – we talked about the blessings and curses of JavaScript solutions – what you can do and what it will cost you/your clients. The entire session was based on the scenario that you upgrade you SharePoint to a next version and should estimate how much effort you have to put into it – and what could essentially break. And we discussed with the audience, we gather a lot of different aspects and experiences. Good fun!

Scripting and Governance session

Scripting and Governance session






Slides will be available once I get the link.

3. Provider-hosted App Framework

I am slightly interested into SharePoint Provider-hosted apps and all areas around it. Maybe because I recently started to learn MVC. Maybe because I like the idea of having all the great stuff outside of SharePoint. But in this session Christian Groß (Solutions2Share) showed what framework they use to create their apps. I was really surprised to hear what they experienced over the last year and what it means to build a product – and how important logging, supporting and ticketing is. Good stuff, I hope they will release it as open source sometime in the future…

4. SharePoint Toolbox

The ShareCamp evergreen, I think it’s the 4th time that we had this session at a ShareCamp. I am into tools and this session is about tools – so what could go wrong?! My friend Henning Eiben moderated a really entertaining session with lots of idea sharing and tool discussions. I think we gathered and introduced about 50 tools – commercial or Open Source that every SharePoint developer or IT-PRO should know. ULSViewer, SPDockit, CamlDesigner, SPServices, CKSDev, SearchQueryTool, LogParser, AutoSPInstaller family, SharePoint Patch Service – just to name a bunch!

Dont be a fool – use a tool!

Henning collected a lot of the tools in a delicious feed – go take a look!

6. Provider Hosted Apps Hackathon

I prepared nothing for it – and expected a lot of this session – fun most importantly. We only had one hour to “create” something that looks like an SharePoint app. So what did we do? We decided do a simple app that shows two buttons and asks the key question: “How was your day today?” So we had two buttons with good and bad. The strech goal here was to ship a minimal viable product that simply stored the value in a SharePoint list – in one hour impossible? Damn right. But during the hour we talked and discuss a lot about the problems we face with Provider-hosted apps, whats good and bad – and what challenges & opportunities we see. We almost got it working tho, very close to storing the results – soooo close! 🙂

6. Azure Workshop

I only attended the very last 15 minutes. Too bad, it must have been awesome. At least I heard that many of the attendees said it was their highlight. Okay Patrick Heyde (Microsoft) had some advantages: Firstly he had 3 hours to show how to provision a SharePoint environment on Azure and the experiences he collected over the past 4 years in his role – and he “bribed” the attendees with 75€ Azure vouchers to play with it. Too bad there were so many sessions in parallel – there will hopefully be a next time!

In general I think there should be more sessions that have more time – I would love to talk about SharePoint/Azure Search for a day… or two 🙂


The weekend was packed and I learned a lot – I totally enjoyed it. I am really looking forward for next year!

Thanks again to all sponsors, organizers and speakers – Germany’s SharePoint community would not work without you!

ShareCamp raffle - lots of prices and gadgets!

ShareCamp raffle – lots of prices and gadgets!

Its over! (My 2014 Review)

04 Jan 2015
January 4, 2015

Traditions are traditions – at least when you repeat at least once, right? So last year I started to review my year with SharePoint – lets do it again.

Conferences & Social

2013 started great – after several attempts I convinced my company to send me to the very last SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas – and it was epic. Not only that I covered 30 SharePoint sessions, I met friends and new friends – I knew some of them via Twitter for a long time, but meeting in person is a totally different story, of course! If you wanna relieve my experience including my summary you can read my posts here.

On the speaking side, I submitted 10-15 sessions this year, some where accepted, some rejected. I was accepted in Zürich, Switzerland at Collaboration Days (international speaker, yay!) and in Duesseldorf at ShareConf, Germany – I had good fun and received good feedback. The most challenging speaking engagement was SP24 – even tho my session was pre-recorded. My inner devil forced me to record my session (50 Minutes) multiple times – in the end I did not need a script, even for the jokes 😉

Additionally I visted the User Group in Munich several times – of course I had a search talk there. Will continue that in 2015, for sure.

With Dave Hollembaek, we started an “informal gathering” / Stammtisch about Enterprise Search (we are not limited to SharePoint, but focused) in Munich – if you wanna join, please feel free!

More conferences are on my roadmap for 2015! 

Blogs & Comments

I spent some time with my little blog this year – new theme with mobile support and 31 blog posts – on the statistics side (I love analytics!) I had 78,783 views on my blog (82% more than 2013) and 133 comments (29% more than 2013) with 103 blog posts in total.


Posting Patterns 2014 - Ipost on Wednesdays

Posting Patterns 2014 – Ipost on Wednesdays

My most viewed posts:

1. #SharePoint 2013 – Create a Search Service Application and Search Topology with Powershell 53 comments 14,409 views
2. Install Office Web Apps 2013 for SharePoint 2013 – with PDF Preview 53 comments 12,536 views
3. Cache cluster is down, restart the cache cluster and Retry 11 comments 6,665 views
4. Installing SharePoint 2013 SP1 with SQL Server 2014 on Windows Server 2012 R2 – Picture Love Story 6 comments 6,465 views
5. Powershell: List all IIS WebApplications (.net version, state, identity) 19 comments 5,797 views

4. was published in 2014 – the others are older posts.

Where do all the visitors come from?

USAUnited States 22,490 views
GermanyGermany 6,237 views
IndiaIndia 5,177 views
UKUnited Kingdom 4,789 views
CanadaCanada 3,342 views

In total my blog was visited from 176 countries.

Search Projects

When I look at my projects of 2014 most of them were somehow SharePoint Search-related. My clients are obviously the best – so they gave my some pretty nice challenges, mostly integration of SAP or third party systems – or indexing huge volumns (90,000,000 items in 2 weeks). Thanks for the continued trust!

SharePoint Certifications

I only managed to pass two Certifications last year – but a new years resolution is to finish both my MCSE (only 70-332 missing!!!) and MCSD for SharePoint 2013. I tried to register for a training, but I was greated with:

After December 31st, 2014 if you wish to take a Microsoft certification exam, please visit the Microsoft Learning web site for further information.

So I tried to scheduled an online proctored exam – but Germany is not on the list… so I scheduled a on-site exam beginning of January. Yay!


  • 2015 will be the year of search! Again.

For 2014 I predicted that the Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2013 will bring some major search enhancements – some under the hood features were added, but I am still waiting for the long “announced” push API. I hope to see Delve for on-prem installations, too – but I think that will stay a wish. On the other side, that will hopefully push some to the cloud – or hybrid at least.

  • Hosting on Azure for Dev/Test will even more accelerate – even in Germany.

I said the same almost last year. But I saw some changes, some new clients moved directly to Office 365 – some at least looked at it. Cloud is still not very popular in Germany, in 2015 I hopefully see some more traction.

Happy New Year!

I wish you all a healthy and wealthy Happy New Year. Hope to see you soon!

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