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What happened to ‘the’ ULSViewer and how to still get it?

04 Jun 2014
June 4, 2014

MSDN Archive has been retired this week – I do not know why they retired it before there is an adequate replacement for the majority of the tools, but it has a huge impact on my work. One of my favorite tool, the famous ULSViewer is was hosted there.

You will be greeted with this beautiful page when you try to download the ULSViewer

You will be greeted with this beautiful page when you try to download the ULSViewer – no alternative download location so far!

ULSViewer – why would you miss it?

Why I love the tool?

  1. its tiny – with just 487kb you can grab it, copy it over the slowest RDP connection and start working in less than a minute.
  2. its super fast – even with the biggest ULS Logs you can still filter and search for correlations, full text and what not.
  3. its just one file – no installation, plain .exe file, it can not be simpler.
  4. the filtering and coloring is superb – reading the uls can be very challenging (sometimes you need true SharePoint Ninja Skills), but the filtering and coloring really helps me a lot.
  5. it has real-time support – watching what happens right when it happens – I hate wait times.
  6. it supports all versions – support for SharePoint 2007 – 2013 is just great!
  7. its free – I  used it for roughly 30 clients – no licensing costs helps quite a lot.

Additionally, just yesterday I solved an issue with the ULSViewer where the coloring and the real-time functionally was a major part of the issue identification.

Formatting, highlighting and real-time support

Formatting, highlighting and real-time support helped me solving an authentication issue


Trevor Seward (@NaupliusTrevor) launched a page to express that we want the ULSViewer back – most favorably released with an Open Source license hosted on Github or Codeplex.

Bring Back ULSViewer! - Internet Explorer_2014-06-04_10-30-57

If you did not participate in the survey – please do so now! Collecting our voices helps!

30 Seconds Survey

30 Seconds Survey

How to still get it?

There are three options:

1. You downloaded it already

Easy one – just don’t loose the file. OneDrive it and you cant loose it, right ?

2. You can download it from Todd Klindt

If Tood uses ULSViewer, it has to be good, right? Todd mirrors the ULSViewer on his blog – download it here.

3. Coolest solution: Download it with PowerShell

Install chocolatey (takes 30 seconds) and use the following command

This downloads the ulsviewer and creates a shortcut on your desktop – in less than a minute in total – quite handy and super fast!



More chocolatey?

  1. Install SharePoint Designer with Chocolatey
  2. Updated Chocolatey with more tools
  3. Little helpers for “lazy” developers
  4. Install ULSViewer with Powershell

Install SharePointLogViewer with PowerShell

13 Jan 2014
January 13, 2014

Another essential SharePoint tool found its way to the chocolatey gallery – this time it’s the awesome and feature-rich SharePointLogViewer.

SharePoint Log Viewer

Key Features:

  • View multiple SharePoint log files at once
  • Search by any field
  • Filter the log by any field
  • File drag & drop support
  • Live monitoring for entire farm
  • Export filtered log entries
  • Bookmark log entries
  • Get popup notification of SharePoint log events from system tray
  • Receive email notifications on errors
  • Redirect log entries to event log
  • Supports SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013


After installing chocolatey you can install SharePointLogViewer with one line of Powershell:

as you can see in this screenshot:



The result is a nice shortcut on your desktop – everything ready to go.


Chocolatey NuGet is a Machine Package Manager, somewhat like apt-get, but built with Windows in mind.

In other words: You can install tools/software with this tool.

I wrote several blog posts about this:

  1. Install SharePoint Designer with Chocolatey
  2. Chocolatey and SharePoint
  3. SharePoint Search Query Tool
  4. Install all the great SharePoint Tools with one line of PowerShell

and even created a video:

Do you miss a tool?

If you miss a tool, I would be happy to add it. Please leave a comment.

SharePoint Toolbox: Color Palette Tool for Sharepoint 2013

16 Dec 2013
December 16, 2013

Another episode of the toolbox – who thought this would happen again?


In this episode I show how to use the Color Palette Tool for SharePoint 2013 and show how easy it is to create Themes for SharePoint 2013 with it.

Video: English / German

Slides: slideshare.net/melchermaximilian/toolbox-color-palette-tool

Download: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=38182

Side Note

I bought a new microphone – a SAMSON Go Mic – and I am really happy with it. Do you like the sound quality?

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