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Enterprise Productivity & Search in Munich

03 Feb 2016
February 3, 2016

Yesterday we met at our monthly “Search Stammtisch / Meetup” in Munich in one of the most charming locations. Like every month, the scope of discussion was broad and this led also to a short discussion of Brand.  As a result we are  rebranding the meeting and giving it a proper and more precise name: Enterprise Productivity & Search

Why the name?

Because it sounds cool – and because we do not only talk about (SharePoint) search, but we also touch so many topics that boost and affect productivity within an enterprise.  Much, of course, includes search.  To make the diversity clear I want to briefly summarize topics that we talked about yesterday and some topics from previous meetings. I am sure this is far from complete!:

  1. Social Enterprise and Yammer, challenges, benefits and drawbacks.
  2. How to have an impact and boost productivity? Where to start?
  3. Common scenarios for enterprise search. Special scenarios, hybrid options. Custom & 3rd party connectors.
  4. What are good arguments against “we always do it like that” aka. “my grandmother’s mother did it that way…”
  5. Hybrid options and SharePoint 2016
  6. Azure? How to increase productivity with it. Chances of the cloud, cloud first and all that.
  7. Azure Search, Elastic, Lucene
  8. IASA and IT Architecture
  9. Driving adoption and how to measure it.
  10. How to properly measure and do analytics?
  11. We had really good drinks – my favorite is “Painkiller”. Discussing in a pleasant environment is really helping. Go try it! 🙂
  12. Major events & conferences this year (e.g. Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta)
  13. IaaS, Saas, Paas and all the new options available in a “cloud first, mobile first” world.
Painkiller - one of the best drinks in the world!

Painkiller – one of the best drinks in the world!

The list could go on and on because we are a really diverse group of IT professionals, IT vendors, partners and customers – and the mix makes the fun!

Join us!

So if you are lucky enough to live close by Munich or travel to Munich – we meet every first Monday and organize the meetings via meetup. Go join the group!

AzureSearchTool: Suggestions, please!

06 Jul 2015
July 6, 2015

Suggestions are a killer feature for search – same applies to Azure Search!
Performance for the lookup of the possible options in combination with a large index is a key here – scale scale scale!

I released version of the AzureSearchTool today.


I added all of the possible suggestion options – it’s a different search type so it needed a while to add it to my current implementation. But as the version number indicates, I am close to catching up with the main features. Did I mention that I added search as you type? And it generates this super verbose REST Url for you, too.

As of now all of the 12 query options for suggestions are implemented:



Maybe I will change the layout for suggestions soon – most of the times this feature will be used as type ahead – see this codeplex code as example:

Video – Suggestions in Action

Watch it in action, first without fuzzy then with it:

Next version – “facet all the things”

Before I release version 1.0 I will add facets support, that’s for sure! Maybe I will change the UX to support the facets visually – I will figure that one out while I implement it. Maybe I tackle the “Test Data” tab, too.

Do you have suggestions?

If so, please leave a comment or open an issue at the AzureSearchTool github page.

AzureSearchTool – More Options, More Fun

08 Jun 2015
June 8, 2015

Today I released the next version of the AzureSearchTool (v.
If you have not read about the tool at all, please see the introduction here.

In the very first version the tool was quite simple and most of the search parameters were not handled. That has changed now:


I implemented the schema overview (actually that was not that much but looks great):

Index Schema and Statistics

Index Schema and Statistics

So now you can see what fields of what type you have – and how those fields are specified.

Below of the Schema you get the two available statistics – the count of documents you have indexed and how many storage you currently consume. Not that much to show here.


The query side was more work, but it is definitely worth it. Currently there are 16 query parameters available (see specification) and the AzureSearchTool now assists you entering them. Some of the fields should be Url-Encoded so I handled that one, too.

The picture shows a rather basic query for the token “dsds”:

All options are handled now

All query options are handled now

That query results in a nice REST url that you can copy to your application:

Create that by hand or with Postman? Rather not.

If you managed to enter invalid values in the search query parameters, the AzureSearchTool now shows the error that is returned by Azure Search:

That error is really helpful!

That error is really helpful!


I think the feature set almost doubled in this release. Next on I will work on Facets & Suggestions.

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