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Updated chocolatey with more tools

02 Jun 2013
June 2, 2013

A good day for automation lovers! @avishnyakov (http://spdevlab.com/) contributed 5 SharePoint packages to my ChocolateySharePointPackages repository. See his blog post here.

Added packages!

Today I pushed them to the chocolatey gallery and you can install them with 1 line of PowerShell.

Want more?

You can install all packages for SharePoint 2013 with 1 line – the installation takes roughly 20-30 Minutes and then you have a great Developer Box:

or for VS2012/SP2013:

Are you missing something?

Would love to hear your feedback – or if you have wishes, go for it in the comments!

Powershell: Efficiently empty large SharePoint lists

03 May 2013
May 3, 2013

Previously I had a little console app to efficiently empty large SharePoint lists. Today I converted it to powershell.

Compared to the simple item by item delete with item.Delete() its 30 times faster; on my dev machine it deletes ~30 items per second. It works for SharePoint 2010 and should  for 2013 (not tested, yet).



Delete-Items.ps1 -weburl [url of web] -listname [name of list]

Further improvements

I think if the list is really huge (100k items or greater) the items should be deleted in batches.

I have not tried it with a document library, maybe there are issues. If there are issues, please leave a comment!


There is no way back – if you start the script there is no “ARE YOU SURE?” – all data is gone in a very short time.

Chocolatey: Created two new SharePoint “Helpers” for lazy developers

12 Mar 2013
March 12, 2013

I mentioned Chocolatey and Powershell quite often in the last time, today I created two little helpers and uploaded them to the chocolatey gallery.

The two super-awesome (and simple) packages called SharePoint.HiveShortcut.Desktop and SharePoint.HiveShortCut.Explorer – and the name indicates it, they create shortcuts to the hive folder.

I could just upload the two lines of powershell on this blog, but I totally like the Chocolatey approach – makes it easy for everyone.

Video or it did not happen!

Why you need the Hive-folder?

Good question, most of the time if something is not working as expected. Ever wondered if a feature is where it should be? Images missing? Unsupported customizations? 14-/ 15- folder is the place to go.


SharePoint.HiveShortcut.Desktop: Chocolatey Gallery

SharePoint.HiveShortcut.Explorer: Chocolatey Gallery

Github repository for all my SharePoint chocolatey packages.

Next tools for Chocolatey

On my personal roadmap are two tools which will be available on the chocolatey gallery very soon.

  • SharePoint Manager
  • Caml Designer

Something missing?

Go drop me a line or use the comments!

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