Fast for SharePoint: Build & version numbers

26 Jan 2012
January 26, 2012

Ever wondered what FAST for SharePoint (FS4SP) version is currently installed? Ever checked if every server in the search cluster has the same version?

Check the version!

The best approach is – open “Program and Features” and check the version there:

With “View installed updates” you can even see if Cumulative Updates have been installed.

Please be aware that not all files are updated after a patch so the versions in other files or tools can be different.

The stale “version.xml”

If you stumble accross the\etc\version.xml (e.g. C:\FASTSearch\etc\version.xml) file you can see the version number – but its not updated even if you install SP1.

FAST for SharePoint versio.xml

Versions (incomplete, to be continued):

FAST For SharePoint Versions/Builds
Version Description
14.0.4763.1000 FAST for SharePoint RTM
14.0.6029.1000 FAST for SharePoint Service Pack 1
14.0.6029.1000 FAST for SharePoint Service Pack 1 with CU June 2011

As you can see there is no version difference between SP1 and CU June 2011.


Did I miss a version? Cumulative Updates anyone?



Update 1 (30.01.2012)

As mentioned by Dan in the comments its better to directly check Programs and Features. I updated the post, thanks Dan!

Tools: CKSDev – the first tool I always install

07 Jan 2012
January 7, 2012

If you do SharePoint 2010 development and you haven’t used this plugin for Visual Studio you have really missed a jewel:

CKSDev – Community Kit for SharePoint: Development Tools Edition

Read more →

Accessing Central Administration with Google Chrome

04 Jan 2012
January 4, 2012

When accessing Central Administration with Google Chrome you will get the following:

with the description:

In order to fix that edit the Properties of the Chrome link and append the following to the “target” value:

where 42 is the port for your Central Administration. You can add more ports if you want, in total it should like this:


Still dont like it – ports are not unsafe by default – but at least there is an option to allow it. Dont you think?



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