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Microsoft Ignite 2016 – Innovation Keynote

27 Sep 2016
September 27, 2016

Satya Nadella on the stage again, this time talking about the current vision of Microsoft.


Digital Transformation

Satya starts to give an idea of AI in context of digital transformation. Create more personal computing, build the intelligent cloud, reinvent productivity & business processes!

The four core pillars for the “AI democratisation” for Sataya are: Agents, Applications, Services and Infrastructure.


Demo: Intelligent Agent – Cortana

Cortana will be more integrated, LinkedIn integration, reminders based on emails, health insights, integration into the action center of windows 10, add items to wunderlist, intelligent sticky notes.



Swiftkey saves humanity a years of lifetime entering keystrokes – now it uses neural networks to predict your next words across all devices.

A keyboard is no longer attached to a device – its attached to YOU

Office 365

AI will come to Office 365 in a multitude of ways. Focused inbox – the system will learn from your emails to provide greater value for you. Skype Translator: 8 languages are now supported, neural networks are behind the translation to not only translate but understand the language. Delve Analytics will be renamed to “MyAnalytics” (?!) and will analyse your activities in your workplace, meeting times, email times etc. Same improvements come to Dynamics CRM – everything graph based. Support based on a bot is already available behind Microsoft support services, always with the option to escalate to a real human.


Services – Cortana Applications

Satya starts with the Bot Framework. Parsing and understanding natural language is provided as framework to be used everywhere. Small demo with fantasy football (i am lost here) were the bot tells how to change the team and gives arguments why player x is better than player y.


Cognative Services API: World record for speech recognition and image/object recognition. UBER uses the image recognition to detect the drivers – they literally have to take a selfie before the drive is being tracked – and to increase driver and passenger security. VOLVO uses cognitive services to detect distractions while using their cars eg. a cell phone.


Finally we see the HoloLens on stage – LOWE’S is the customer showcase here to improve customer experience. Here a couple customized a kitchen live on stage, colors of the blends, adding cupboards, adjusting sizes – shopping on a totally new level. A was too excited to take a good picture…

Infrastructure – Azure

Global, trusted, intelligent, from silicon to cloud. CPU and GPU farms with a multitude of frameworks to build AIs and scale.


Next is a demonstration of the worlds first AI supercomputer – first demo was image recognition, with FPGAs it was 40x faster. Text translation was next, 8x faster. With hyper-scaling Microsoft could translate the entire Wikipedia in just a glimpse.

The speaker did not mention Skynet… 🙂


Very impressive keynote at Ignite 2016, some really interesting ideas that will change our lives in the not too distant future – cool stuff is possible and coming!

User Group Munich: SharePoint 2016 Hybrid with Samuel Zuercher

20 Jun 2016
June 20, 2016

Some quick notes  (more a braindump) about the last SharePoint User Group in Munich (6/14/2016) with Samuel Zuercher. Samuel was apparently a little sick, but still presented remotely!

That was one of the funniest User Group in a while, I had good fun and Samuel delivered some solid info about SharePoint 2016 hybrid story.

Hybrid Overview by Samuel Zuercher

  1. Start with OneDrive
  2. Shared with me does not work with mixed content.
  3. Hybrid sites – no provisioning support
  4. No hybrid for Managed Metadata – woot?
  5. App Launcher does not show full experience. Results are separated by environment – hopefully fixed soon, this will be a problem for lots of users. Confuses me, too!
  6. No migration of sites – a scenario picker with support options would be great here.
Attention level is high!

Attention level is high!

SharePoint is like iceberg, management and end users only see the tip of it – Samuel Zuercher

Scenario Picker

  1. OneDrive
  2. Hybrid Sites
  3. More scenarios will follow

Social story

Out of the box newsfeed not recommended. 100% same functionality as for SP2013, maybe even the exact same code.

Site Provisioning

Provisioning: App Model und Remote Provisioning (officepnp)Machine generated alternative text: ON PREMISE PROVISIONING THROUGH POWERSHELL to approve Site Requests oroÄsion an On Prem or Is XML that runs in a (Cn Ft±rn) including a Template -STSO (Teamstte)

Teamsite template is the only good template  – Samuel Zuercher

Provision site templates with site deletion policy to implement governance.

Site Provisioning with Powershell

Site Provisioning with PowerShell

Hybrid Search

Configuration is complex, script-based solution is available makes your life easier!


Solid session, free beer (thanks AvePoint!) and many like-minded! Good stuff!

2015 Recap: The king is dead – long live the king!

02 Jan 2016
January 2, 2016

3 times and you have a pattern, right? This is not the first time I write a recap for the past year, (2014, 2013) – and it is always good fun to reflect the last one and plan the next one.

The Past aka 2015

2015 was a super busy year for me – both work, community and private live was packed and very intense.


I attended so many events this year, without my outlook calendar a reflection would not be possible anymore. Lets start with my favorites:

SharePoint Saturday Belgium / Antwerp

That was my first SharePoint Saturday ever – and it was epic. The spirit of the Belgium SharePoint Community is awesome, speaking there was really rewarding for me! Maybe I cant attend in 2016, but if I have the chance I probably will.

ShareCamp 2015

ShareCamp is totally unique, I totally love the open style of the conference – everybody can speak there, beginner, experts, customers, everybody. I totally like the mix, especially when there are topics that are outside of the “SharePoint box”, I learned a lot there and for me that is perfect infotainment.

ShareCamp Sessionvote


Search Stammtisch Munich

We are only few, but dynamite comes in small packages 🙂 Every first Monday we meet in my favorite cocktail bar. It is the best place to talk about SharePoint Search and everything around it, from 3rd party to hybrid, to Azure Search – we covered everything. I hope to see more people this year, but well, Search is a niche and won’t attract hundreds.

taken from

SharePoint User Group Munich

I think I attended very SharePoint User Group Meeting in Munich (that should be 5-6) and organized one. Always good fun!


I had the chance to speak at 2 commercial conferences about SharePoint Search this year: SharePoint Days and ShareConf – for 2016 I will try to speak more, maybe I try a different conference, too. Let’s see how it goes.

My blog

From a content producing side, 2015 wasn’t my best. I only crafted 16 posts, but well some of them took really a lot of time. Cloud Hybrid was one of them – and as a premiere I blogged about my new hobby: Paragliding. As one of my new year resolution is “fly more!” the chances are high that I will blog about it again.

Facts and figures

I like figures and statistics and all that – 89.000 page views is not that bad for my tiny blog, isn’t it? I have nothing to compare too, but I am quite happy with it. +12% from last year!

Blog Stats 2015

blog stats for 2015


Countries 2015

180 countries – I say “hello” from Germany!

My most visited blog posts are apparently from 2014 – luckily two are about search and that makes me happy:

  1. Installing SharePoint 2013 SP1 with SQL Server 2014 on Windows Server 2012 R2 – Picture Love Story (~14.000 views)
  2. #SharePoint 2013 – Create a Search Service Application and Search Topology with Powershell (~10.200 views)

  3. Install Office Web Apps 2013 for SharePoint 2013 – with PDF Preview (9.700 views)


On the contributions part, I tried to commit some time to my favorite tool – SharePoint Search Query Tool – and it is totally worth it. I use that tool so often, so why not improve it to make it even better?

Additionally I started my own tool – Azure Search Tool – I have to admit that I haven’t put any time into it recently, but it’s still fully functionally. I will block some time soon to give some more love because its a cool and useful util.

The Future aka 2016

2015 was a shift year – I saw a lot of clients migrating to SharePoint Online and I think even more will do in 2016. With that move I learned a lot about migration to the cloud, SharePoint Apps and Azure – and I think that will be my business focus for 2016. Maybe we launch a SharePoint App as a product – that would be fun!
Lots of work a head, many challenges to be solved – there is a good year ahead of us! And we will see SharePoint 2016 RTM very soon. I am not as excited as I was for SharePoint 2013 – but the platform matures with every release and I hope to see many many Search challenges and projects. Even more as with 2013 because SharePoint Search is business critical, right?

Main goals for next year: SharePoint Search, Apps, Azure, Community, SharePoint Search, Hybrid, Azure Search, Paragliding. I am a simple man 🙂

just hanging there

Happy new year!

With that said, I wish you all the best for 2016, health, prosperity, lots of excitement and fun!

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