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Learn how #SharePoint is reinventing content collaboration: vision and roadmap updates

27 Sep 2016
September 27, 2016

The session by Jeff Teper will show us whats coming for SharePoint! Expectations are always highest.2016-09-26-15_14_35-myignite-learn-how-sharepoint-is-reinventing-content-collaboration_-vision-and

Here we go, Jeff enters the stage:


SharePoint ecosystem is healthy – we saw that slide already at May, 4th event: wp_20160926_14_21_34_rich


And now a very good overview slide of SharePoint and whats it good for:


Session Scope

In this sessions 4 major areas will be covered:

  1. Simple and powerful file sharing
  2. Mobile and intelligent Intranet
  3. Open & Connected Platform
  4. Security, privacy and compliance


4 parts



Let’s start: OneDrive

OneDrive Improvements

  1. New sync options
  2. Access all files
  3. Mobile app improvements
  4. Better file preview
  5. Deeper Office integration
  6. OneDrive file activity

The last point is Jeff’s favorite – who changed what file recently is really helpful!

Demo: File preview

RAW files, Streaming Videos, Adobe files incl. Photoshop files and Illustrator files – no more downloading required. Rich preview for email files (eml, msg) – in total 20 more files will be prerendered soon.

Demo: Mobile Improvements

The iOS OneDrive app has been shown, major improvements to file handling and navigation – looks neat!


Demo: Office Integration

There is a new integration option in the office backstage “open” menu. “Shared with me” shows all files that has been recently shared with you – awesome! That a great improvement for me, too. Additinally in the top right you can see the

Demo: One more thing – Placeholders will be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost dropped my notebook, Placeholders for OneDrive are coming back. They added a neat little icon to visualize that the file is not synced yet (the little cloud) and once you click on it you it downloads and opens. This will make lots of users VERY HAPPY and 72.000 votes will be returned on user voice. This makes me happy, too!72000 votes


Dan Holme on stage to show what is coming for SharePoint.

Dan Holme on stage

Better Office Graph integration to feed the SharePoint landing page (the SharePoint tile).

Improvements to Teamsites

Teamsites get a big refresh. Lading page now contains a news section, activity and looks much cleaner now. Wow, that was really necessary for such an core component. The same layout will be available in the mobile apps. Cool stuff!

New teamsite experience

Modern SharePoint Pages

render better on mobile phones, faster, beautiful

The new page experience is much more convenient compared to the old one. Adding webparts looks much easier, lots of content creators will love those improvements. Adding pictures is now simpler, too. Apparently i was so flashed about the OneDrive announcement that I forget to take a picture.

Office Graph everywhere


The new document library experience is out a while now, there are new improvements coming for this. Dropping a link to the library was one of the first examples.

Drag and drop to change status based on a grouping:

Drag and drop one entry to another group and the metadata will change

Drag and drop one entry to another group and the metadata will change


New Document experience will also support 3rd party extensions – we briefly saw a DocuSign integration.


Richer context information directly from the list view called “people card”. This shows more details about a person who modified the file. Jump to profiles.

People Card

User Profiles

The new user profiles will be overhauled, too. You can see a mini schedule on the profile page, what groups the user is in and more. The update experience of your profile page is more streamlined – awesome!

Microsoft Flow

Very brief showcase how to integrate Power Apps and Flow into SharePoint lists – super fast demo, more this week I think.


There was a joke with Jeff’s shoes – somehow I could not follow.

Planner, Yammer and integrations

Integration in Outlook, integration into Yammer – last but not least a new teamsite will have a new group, too.

Teamsites #2

Fast teamsite creation is coming to O365 – Dan created a new teamsite in less than 5 seconds. Neat!

Mobile and intelligent intranet roadmap

Open and connected platform

Easier start with open standards. SharePoint and lists will come to Office graph soon.

Open and connected platform roadmap

SharePoint Framework SPFx

Switch to client-side development, lightweb and super fast-  with mobile phone support. Teamsite and library extensions are coming.

SharePoint Framework


New options to limit access, printing, downloading and synching of documents if the computer accessing it is not a domain joined computer. Conditional access even by network location (IP range). The moment they leave the network (e.g. work)

Security & Compliance

Demo: Conditional access

The demo was simple. The presenter just switch to a different network – bam! No more access to the SharePoint library. Good stuff, many of my clients want that.

Due to organizational policies, you can't access these resources from this network location.

Due to organizational policies, you can’t access these resources from this network location.

Custom teamsite creation tags / site classification

When you create teamsites you can add tags to it and then add rules to it. In this case the confidentiality.

User Activities

In the new reports you can see activity and aggregated infos per user.

Usage and Insights per workload

Analytics per user, aggregated

Audit Log

Unified logging for both on-prem and online. Neat!

Centralized sign-out

Its now possible to log out users via the admin centers – on all devices.

Security & Compliance roadmap


Wow, what a fully loaded session – SharePoint’s future is bright! Really good stuff.

I highly recommend you to watch the session once its available online to get more insights about the SharePoint roadmap that I can transport in this post.

Bootstrap and SharePoint Online – how to avoid css ricochet

04 Mar 2016
March 4, 2016

In my current project I had the challenge to improve the user experience for some pages without messing too much with the MasterPage (because you shouldn’t, right?). The client explicitly requested components like accordions, responsive tables and more control of the page alignments. So what would be easier to use a mobile first, responsive made by the @twitter guys? Apparently SharePoint Online does not like bootstrap too much – one you add the css files, you will see notable changes.

In this post I show you how to fix that.

Bootstrap and SharePoint OnlineBootstrap


Bootstrap (currently 3.3.6 and shortly 4.0) brings a lot of nice components that can be embedded within a standard SharePoint Page. Its not end-user friendly, an editor needs a least basic html skills to use it – but if you can use it, its fairly easy to improve the user experience. And because the twitter guys are really smart (and their css skills are way better than mine) it even works decently on mobile devices.

You can simply (that was my first attempt) add the css tag to a page:

On the basic team site landing page I found at least 5 changes:

twitter bootstrap overrides the SharePoint css

twitter bootstrap overrides the SharePoint css

  1. the heading has an increased font size and the position has changed
  2. the title of a webpart has an increased font size
  3. the paginator icon is displaced
  4. the search icon of a doclib is displaced.
  5. the full screen icon is gone

How to restrain/scope bootstrap?

At first I thought its rather easy, just change a couple of lines within bootstrap and you should be good to go. Right, that took actually longer than the good solution – I stopped and googled. I found a solution on stackoverflow from 2012 – and guess what – it still works. In order to to that you need to do the following:

  1. Install nodejs
  2. Download the twitter bootstrap source code and unzip it
  3. Open the nodejs command prompt
  4. Install grunt-cli with the following command

  5. Switch to the twitter bootstrap directory
  6. Open the bootstrap.less file in the less folder and wrap every @import with:



      Wrap everything – dont forget the closing } down below.

  7. Now switch back to the node command prompt. Change to the bootstrap directory.
  8. Run npm install to install missing packages

    1. Install missing packages with npm-install

      Install missing packages with npm-install

  9. Run grunt dist to compile your new css

    1. grunt-dist to compile your new scoped css

      grunt-dist to compile your new scoped css


  10. Et voila – then you have your perfectly scoped css in the folder dist/css:
    1. Scoped bootstrap

      Scoped bootstrap


Now you only have to upload this file to SharePoint Online (e.g. a style library) and either reference it within a Script Editor Webpart (your add it to your MasterPage if you are brave enough!). If you want to use it, you have to add the class “bootstrap” before:

add the bootstrap class in the first element or just wrap everything with a div

add the bootstrap class in the first element or just wrap everything with a div

And the you can use twitter bootstrap without jeopardizing your SharePoint Online look and feel:

twitter bootstrap without impact

twitter bootstrap without impact


The SASS way

If you want to do the same thing with the current version of bootstrap (and bootstrap 4 once its out), then you can simple download the SASS version:

Then open the _bootstrap.scss file with your favorite editor and wrap the imports with a class:

Compile the sass and check the css:

The sass approach took me like 5 minutes with VS Code – awesome.

If you have read it so far…

If you want my pre-compiled version, please take it from here (version 3.3.6, use on your own risk!).

And then leave a comment 🙂

Quick fix: For security reasons DTD is prohibited in this XML document

02 Feb 2016
February 2, 2016

Another day, another quick fix – I hope it helps!


Working from home is very productive they said – not in my case, the wonderful script to reindex SharePoint Online UserProfiles from Mikael Svenson worked at work – but throws errors at home.



The error “For security reasons DTD is prohibited in this XML document” does not help much…

Quick fix

Google suggested me to change my DNS entries to or – in my case that had no impact at all. Still, my assumption was (Occam’s razor, actually), that it has something to do with DNS – to many blog posts I read said something with DNS.

Easiest way to verify? Fiddler, right!

Fiddler Web Debugger

So in my case it was a combination of my ISP and IPv6 – I changed my DNS on my PC and disabled IPv6 – and everything is back to green!

Back to green!

Back to green!


That post pushed me in the right direction: Office 365 – DTD is prohibited in this document issue – thanks a bunch!

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