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Explore what is new and coming with the SharePoint apps #BRK2037

28 Sep 2016
September 28, 2016

Ignite 2016 session about apps, mobile experiences and intelligent portals by Andy Haon (@andyhaon) and Nate Clinton (@nate_clinton).

Here are my notes:

SharePoint Home

I was a little late to the session, so only a screenshot from the slides:


Mobile Apps

Approach: look at the key workloads in regards to SharePoint and bring them to the mobile apps on all platforms.


Things they learned: Sign-in issues (a lot), analysis of top requests and implementing them

Android: feature parity with iOS but with respect to the material design. PowerApps integration comes first to Android

Windows 10 mobile: feature parity with iOS but with windows design. You have to be an Insider to get the app here:

Team News

Quickly author news with status updates or mention a document. News are available on mobile phones, too. Its planned to add mobile news authoring so you can craft news while on the go.


Whats coming!


Intranet in your pocket, the changes that are coming are promising for that:


Notifications, News and list improvements will drive the adoption.


To be honest, I expected this session to discuss about SharePoint Apps – no, I mean Addins! – and not about the mobile apps. But on the plus side, it was really good session that showed me whats possible in the apps – I am more a browser guy, but I will give it a try!

Good stuff.

Discover what’s new and what’s coming to the SharePoint Mobile and Intelligent Intranet

27 Sep 2016
September 27, 2016

Session with Mark Kashmann (@mkashman) and Adam Harnetz (@adamharnetz) about whats coming for SharePoint intranets especially in regards to mobile.



Here are my session notes:

Customer usecase: Delta

Delta has 500 content creators; previously it was only posible to do that

80.000 employees, entire user base is 260.000 with externals.


Mobile is increasing

Replaced legacy technology

Delta is now starting to move to O365 SharePoint Online, but starts with OneDrive

Mobile App

Sites Tab is powered by Office Graph depending on your usage.

Once you open a site you see the new site experience in the app, starting with News, followed by Activity:


Popular & active content will be surfaced there.

Adam then showed end to end how to access SharePoint data from his iOS device, from list to user profiles.

The number one requested feature was “edit listitems”  – and thats coming to the mobile apps. The iOS is updated every second week, awesome.

“Intranet in your pocket” is the core idea of the apps – looks good.

“News” tab is brand new and not yet available:


It will show you news around you, not just from one teamsite.


The PowerApps will be integrated into the apps, they can be launced directly.


Links are coming document libraries, you get a flyout to add links to any url or to files you used based on Office Graph (?).


Again DocuSign is shown in the new document library experience, based on the new SharePoint Framework SPFx. More to come on this.

People Card / Profiles

Every User field now will be rendered as hover item called people card. It shows documents that the person created/recent documents and switch the full user profile (new experience!).

Outlook Integration

You can click on “get link” in SharePoint and paste the link into Outlook Online. It will then get rendered as a small preview with a small slug, neat!

Image Library

Images are now rendered in a lightbox, with slider controls to go to next/prev images.

Teamsite Sync with OneDrive Next Gen Sync Client

Thats a highly anticipated feature and its coming.

New Page Experience

The new editing experience is much better than the older – SharePoint, welcome to 2016! Its so much easier to customize a page, format text, add webparts. A big core component of SharePoint gets a major improvement. Awesome!


PowerApps #2

Simple option to request input from others, data is persisted in a SharePoint list.


Automate processes. Here a simple twitter integration was shown, need to look at this closer.



Busy year for the SharePoint team, lots of stuff was already shipped. Q4 updates look promising!

Q4 was about teamsites, 2017 will be about awesome publishing experience


2017: Improvements to addins are coming, responsiveness was mentioned! PowerApps and Flow get more power.

Teamsites works best when there is a hero in the organization




Great overview whats coming – mobile or not, it looks good and sounds promising! Go watch the recording once its available, I could not catch everything in this blog post and it’s definitely worth watching!

Learn how #SharePoint is reinventing content collaboration: vision and roadmap updates

27 Sep 2016
September 27, 2016

The session by Jeff Teper will show us whats coming for SharePoint! Expectations are always highest.2016-09-26-15_14_35-myignite-learn-how-sharepoint-is-reinventing-content-collaboration_-vision-and

Here we go, Jeff enters the stage:


SharePoint ecosystem is healthy – we saw that slide already at May, 4th event: wp_20160926_14_21_34_rich


And now a very good overview slide of SharePoint and whats it good for:


Session Scope

In this sessions 4 major areas will be covered:

  1. Simple and powerful file sharing
  2. Mobile and intelligent Intranet
  3. Open & Connected Platform
  4. Security, privacy and compliance


4 parts



Let’s start: OneDrive

OneDrive Improvements

  1. New sync options
  2. Access all files
  3. Mobile app improvements
  4. Better file preview
  5. Deeper Office integration
  6. OneDrive file activity

The last point is Jeff’s favorite – who changed what file recently is really helpful!

Demo: File preview

RAW files, Streaming Videos, Adobe files incl. Photoshop files and Illustrator files – no more downloading required. Rich preview for email files (eml, msg) – in total 20 more files will be prerendered soon.

Demo: Mobile Improvements

The iOS OneDrive app has been shown, major improvements to file handling and navigation – looks neat!


Demo: Office Integration

There is a new integration option in the office backstage “open” menu. “Shared with me” shows all files that has been recently shared with you – awesome! That a great improvement for me, too. Additinally in the top right you can see the

Demo: One more thing – Placeholders will be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost dropped my notebook, Placeholders for OneDrive are coming back. They added a neat little icon to visualize that the file is not synced yet (the little cloud) and once you click on it you it downloads and opens. This will make lots of users VERY HAPPY and 72.000 votes will be returned on user voice. This makes me happy, too!72000 votes


Dan Holme on stage to show what is coming for SharePoint.

Dan Holme on stage

Better Office Graph integration to feed the SharePoint landing page (the SharePoint tile).

Improvements to Teamsites

Teamsites get a big refresh. Lading page now contains a news section, activity and looks much cleaner now. Wow, that was really necessary for such an core component. The same layout will be available in the mobile apps. Cool stuff!

New teamsite experience

Modern SharePoint Pages

render better on mobile phones, faster, beautiful

The new page experience is much more convenient compared to the old one. Adding webparts looks much easier, lots of content creators will love those improvements. Adding pictures is now simpler, too. Apparently i was so flashed about the OneDrive announcement that I forget to take a picture.

Office Graph everywhere


The new document library experience is out a while now, there are new improvements coming for this. Dropping a link to the library was one of the first examples.

Drag and drop to change status based on a grouping:

Drag and drop one entry to another group and the metadata will change

Drag and drop one entry to another group and the metadata will change


New Document experience will also support 3rd party extensions – we briefly saw a DocuSign integration.


Richer context information directly from the list view called “people card”. This shows more details about a person who modified the file. Jump to profiles.

People Card

User Profiles

The new user profiles will be overhauled, too. You can see a mini schedule on the profile page, what groups the user is in and more. The update experience of your profile page is more streamlined – awesome!

Microsoft Flow

Very brief showcase how to integrate Power Apps and Flow into SharePoint lists – super fast demo, more this week I think.


There was a joke with Jeff’s shoes – somehow I could not follow.

Planner, Yammer and integrations

Integration in Outlook, integration into Yammer – last but not least a new teamsite will have a new group, too.

Teamsites #2

Fast teamsite creation is coming to O365 – Dan created a new teamsite in less than 5 seconds. Neat!

Mobile and intelligent intranet roadmap

Open and connected platform

Easier start with open standards. SharePoint and lists will come to Office graph soon.

Open and connected platform roadmap

SharePoint Framework SPFx

Switch to client-side development, lightweb and super fast-  with mobile phone support. Teamsite and library extensions are coming.

SharePoint Framework


New options to limit access, printing, downloading and synching of documents if the computer accessing it is not a domain joined computer. Conditional access even by network location (IP range). The moment they leave the network (e.g. work)

Security & Compliance

Demo: Conditional access

The demo was simple. The presenter just switch to a different network – bam! No more access to the SharePoint library. Good stuff, many of my clients want that.

Due to organizational policies, you can't access these resources from this network location.

Due to organizational policies, you can’t access these resources from this network location.

Custom teamsite creation tags / site classification

When you create teamsites you can add tags to it and then add rules to it. In this case the confidentiality.

User Activities

In the new reports you can see activity and aggregated infos per user.

Usage and Insights per workload

Analytics per user, aggregated

Audit Log

Unified logging for both on-prem and online. Neat!

Centralized sign-out

Its now possible to log out users via the admin centers – on all devices.

Security & Compliance roadmap


Wow, what a fully loaded session – SharePoint’s future is bright! Really good stuff.

I highly recommend you to watch the session once its available online to get more insights about the SharePoint roadmap that I can transport in this post.

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