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SharePoint 2013: Replace the PDF icon

18 Sep 2012
September 18, 2012

Icon madness

I uploaded a PDF to SharePoint 2013 and noticed that the PDD icon is not the official and recognizable Adobe PDF icon. In this article I will tell you how to replace the SharePoint 2013 PDF icon.


OOTB PDF icon from SharePoint 2013

Is it a document with a belt or what ? Nevermind I don’t like it and I am very certain that most of the users out there do not recognize the icon – and that is the main purpose of the icon right?


Search result with out-of-the-box SharePoint 2013 PDF icon

With SharePoint 2010 there was no PDF support out of the box – afaik there was no icon at all. I should be happy and quite right? Nope, created a small powershell that replaced the icon (either you place it next to the script or the script downloads it from the Adobe page).

The result will look like this – way better if you ask me.


Original PDF icon – as expected!


Same icon in a document library


Powershell to the rescue – once again!

And here comes the small script:


Thats it – go try it!

As always, would love to hear your feedback.

#SharePoint 2013 – Create a Search Service Application and Search Topology with Powershell

23 Jul 2012
July 23, 2012

Writing SharePoint 2013 feels very new to me, but I created my first Demo environment and tried to set up search.

What needs to be done?

14 steps for a simple Search Topology – 1 powershell can do them all.

  1. Create a Service Application Pool for the Search Service Application (15-22)
  2. Create a Search Service Application (22-28)
  3. Create a Search Service Application Proxy (30-36)
  4. Get the current Search Instance (38)
  5. Save the current Search Topology for later use (39)
  6. Create a new Search Topology (40)
  7. Create all the Search Components (Analytics- , Content Processing, Query Processing, Crawler-, Admin Component) (42-46)
  8. Remove the Index-Folder and recreate it (50-51)
  9. Create a new Index Component (53)
  10. Activate the new Topology (56)
  11. Call the method synchronize on the old topology – this errors but forces an update on the old topology object (59)
  12. The “forced updated” Topology object becomes inactive and can be deleted. (62)
  13. Everything  done – start a full crawl oder set it to the new shiny continuous crawling. Enjoy!

The numbers in the braces are the line numbers in the powershell script following now.


Powershell to the rescue!

Here is my powershell script for creating the whole service application and creating a basic topology.

Please keep in mind that the $IndexLocation folder will be deleted and recreated.

Adjust the settings in the lines 4-11 to your needs.

The whole script took about 3 minutes on my machine.


ULSViewer showed me what timer job needs to be started


The result


I took some parts from here, but received some errors, some paramaters were missing so I adjusted the script for my needs.

The MSDN documentation is missing that there is a timer job responsible for topology changes – ULSViewer helped me to figure that one out.

Update 1, 24.07.2012 17:11

I exchanged some emails with Alpesh Nakar (funnily he created a script for the same thing) and he helped me reducing my script a lot. Thanks for that.


Did it work for you?

Wishlist: SharePoint 2013

31 Jan 2012
January 31, 2012

Yesterday the SharePoint 2013 SDK (Preview) was released and that made me thinking:

What are my wishes for SharePoint 2013

  1. FAST for SharePoint as Service Application
    • That’s my top wish. Easier provisioning of FAST and easier (cheaper :)) licensing, e.g. coupled with ECALs, would help FS4SP to cover more ground.
    • The same applies to Reporting Services with SQL 2012 (Denali) so I think my wish could come true.
  2. jQuery Integration (no silverlight anymore! )
    • Drag and Drop everywhere
    • More ajax / WCF-Webservices
  3. Metro-Style MasterPages
  4. Better Linq for SharePoint
    • Support impersonation!
  5. Powershell everywhere
    • Configuring something in the Central Administration and the option to get the configuration changes as a powershell script – would love it! I heard somewhere that’s the way Exchange does it…


More wishes to come

I think that’s a good start, I will update the post with more wishes over time.

How about your wishes? Share them please!


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