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Ignite 2016 – My SharePoint takeaways!

04 Oct 2016
October 4, 2016

Ignite 2016 is over and we all were updated with tons of new features, announcements and insights in Atlanta – in this post I will try to give you a summary what I learned at Ignite 2016 SharePoint Conference it Atlanta.

Office 365 and SharePoint Online

I took that one from the official source because it pretty sums up whats coming:

The next wave of innovations to achieve the SharePoint vision (simple and powerful file sharing, mobile and intelligent intranet, open and connected platform, commitment to security, privacy and compliance) contains the following highlights:

  1. A significant update to the OneDrive browser experience, so that you can find, access, share and collaborate on all your files in Office 365
  2. OneDrive sync preview for SharePoint Online document libraries and folders shared with you
  3. Team news to keep your team up to date and informed of what matters
  4. People cards in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business that intelligently surface content and details from your colleagues’ profiles
  5. New integration with Microsoft Flow, PowerApps and Yammer
  6. Preview of the SharePoint mobile apps for Windows 10 Mobile and Android
  7. Enhancements for developers including new sites and lists APIs in Microsoft Graph
  8. New security controls including site classification and conditional access based on location and device
  9. Feature Pack 1 for SharePoint Server 2016
  10. Expanded FastTrack services and tools to support hybrid configurations and migration

And the Roadmap for Q4 2016 and H1 2017 – I really like the transparency:

SharePoint Roadmap 2016 2017

Modern Pages / Modern Document Library / Refresh to Teamsites

I really recommend you to watch the entire session – some pretty good stuff in it:

In the next month we will see lots of updates to the modern document library experience, modern pages and updates to our beloved teamsites (about time!).

Every teamsite get a "News", "Activity" and "Links" section.

Every teamsite get a “News”, “Activity” and “Links” section. Tighter integration into mobile apps (right side)

And “modern pages” looks awesome, too. The promise here is that they will render on desktop, mobile browser and in the mobile apps – more on the apps late in this post.

People card

What I really liked is the new people card – more user-centric experience are always great. “Who is that person? What is he doing in the organization and what is he working on?” – cool!

SharePoint People Cards - a more user centric experience

SharePoint People Cards – a more user centric experience


Security & Compliance

As part of the Office news the following new security and compliance capabilities in Office 365:

  • Improvements to Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Advanced Data Governance
  • Updates to Advanced Security Management

And more insights with lots of graphs:

More insights what our users are actually doing!

More insights what our users are actually doing!

App Launcher

The new version of the Office 365 App Launcher gives you access to these new features:

  • Additional customization options
  • search across all the services and applications
  • A tabbed layout
  • You can resize, pin and organize tiles
  • Support for Office 365 themes

And in a not so distant future it will list your recent Office documents:


OneDrive for Business

Major updates to OneDrive for Business – as mentioned in this post, OneDrive caused a lot of service requests in the past – but it will massively improve with the coming updates!

  • Ability to sync SharePoint Online document libraries and OneDrive folders shared with you (preview available here).
  • An activity center has been added to the OneDrive sync client to allow you to view synchronization and file activity at a glance (preview).
  • Notifications to your iOS or Android device when someone shares a OneDrive file with you.
  • Access to SharePoint Online files in the OneDrive app on Android.
  • Multi-page scan enhancements in the OneDrive app on Android.
  • Ability to see over time how many people have discovered and viewed your files in OneDrive for iOS.
  • Enhancements to integration with Office 2016 (First Release).
  • Simple, flexible OneDrive user management in Office 365 (First Release).
SharePoint Online Sync Preview - finally you can sync the files from a teamsite

SharePoint Online Sync Preview – finally you can sync the files from a teamsite

These new features are in the pipeline:

  • Rich thumbnails and previews for over 20 new file types (rolling out before the end of 2016).
  • Ability to access and edit all your files in OneDrive and SharePoint Online from the OneDrive browser client (rolling out before the end of 2016).
  • Capability to download multiple files as a .zip file (rolling out before the end of 2016).
  • Dedicated OneDrive administration console in Office 365 (rolling out before the end of 2016).

More of that in my “OneDrive for Business – key feature and roadmap” summary.

PowerApps & Flow

That’s what excited me the most – whats coming after InfoPath, lots of clients asked me about guidance here. And well, the answer could be PowerApps.

I attended 2 sessions to see whats coming for PowerApps and Flow – and I will soon play with it because there is so much demand in forms and simple workflows. Having the same functionality even in a mobile app will be awesome (try that with InfoPath…).

  1. PowerApps works only if an internet connection is available
  2. Its currently in preview
  3. You can connect to data sources onPrem if you install a gateway service

Flow on the other side looks like the implementation of if this then that / IFTTT – simple workflows are possible here e.g. approval and all that stuff. The power of that come into play when you connect different tools with that (Salesforce, Twitter, Slack, SQL, etc).

Groups & Yammer

  • Better integration of Yammer in Office 365 groups
  • Uploading of files directly from SharePoint/OneDrive for Business sites, and edit them directly in the browser.
  • Share content by mail with Yammer groups
  • Manager Yammer within O365 admin center
Share files from SharePoint or OneDrive

Share files from SharePoint or OneDrive

More on that in the announcement blog post.

SharePoint Framework

Apparently I could not make it to any SharePoint Framework (SPFx) session at all – the conference was packed with so many good sessions that I had to make compromises. But lots of the Framework was already announced at May, 4th event.

My Analytics

Delve Analytics was renamed to MyAnalytics – the change of the name is already live in my tenant.

  1. Pinning of important contacts so you can easily see if you are loosing touch with important peers
  2. Share metrics with peers to get a review or opinion about your work habits
  3. Adjust your priorities to get better results

More on that here: Create better work habits with MyAnalytics (formerly Delve Analytics)

SharePoint onPrem

Feature Pack 1 was announced and will available in November – and not in Q1 2017

  • Logging of administrative actions performed in Central Administration and with Windows PowerShell
  • Enhancements to MinRole to support small environments (see my post here for more details)
  • A new OneDrive for Business user experience
  • Custom tiles in the SharePoint app launcher
  • Unified auditing across site collections on-premises and in Office 365
  • Unified taxonomy across on-premises and Office 365
  • OneDrive API 2.0

Q4 2016:

  • Feedback driven updates to doclibs, lists, pages, sites and apps
  • Team news
  • Intelligent People Cards
  • SharePoint mobile app WW Release (Android, Windows)
  • Next generation sync of team sites
  • Simple, fast site creation
  • SharePoint Framework WW Release

First half of 2017:

  • Feedback driven updates to doclibs, lists, pages, sites and apps
  • More web parts
  • Publishing Sites
  • More Flow and PowerApps integration
  • SharePoint Add-in improvements
  • Modern team site extensibility
  • Performance-focused CDN integration with publishing sites

SharePoint Mobile Apps

The mobile apps got a lot of love recently – and lots is on the roadmap for them. The “intranet in your pocket” with native apps on every platform is a great driver for user adoption.

SharePoint Roadmap

SharePoint Mobile Apps Roadmap

More details in my summary post Explore whats new and whats coming with the SharePoint Apps


SharePoint is alive! It was a blast to see how much attention (and love) SharePoint got at the Ignite 2016 – that hasn’t been always the case. The following PowerBI analyzed the hashtags on twitter during the Ignite – #SharePoint clearly ruled. I doubt that it’s because SharePoint people tweet more – the many announcements and huge amount of sessions must be the cause for that:

Microsoft Ignite 2016 delivered so many promising updates to current and planned developments nobody could doubt that SharePoint has a bright future! SharePoint ain’t dead!
If you want to see more about the general roadmap, visit for more insights.

If you have questions about Ignite 2016, please let me know in the comments. If wrote about every session I attended at Ignite 2016, please see the archives if you want more details.

Learn best practices for managing and administering #SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business #BRK3028

28 Sep 2016
September 28, 2016

In this session, learn how to manage your Microsoft SharePoint Online (SPO) and Microsoft OneDrive for Business environments in the browser (the SharePoint Online Admin Center) and by using the SharePoint Online Management Shell (a.k.a., Microsoft PowerShell for SPO). We cover numerous scenarios and demos for both seasoned SharePoint admins and new SPO admins.

By Chris Bortlik (@cbortlik)


Here are my session notes:

SharePoint Online Admin 101

Site Collection Provisioning, Service Level Settings, hybrid, PowerShell will be discussed in this session.


Control external sharing

Restrictive on service level, override on site level

So in other words, global SharePoint settings are do not allow sharing with externals, but allow it on specific sites only if you need it. For anonymous sharing, Chris suggests to let the links expire, otherwise its hard to track whats still shared.

You can even create alerts if someone shared content via anonymous links with email notification – or bcc an email account if someone shares something (Powershell):

Restrict access

There are new capabilities to restrict access to data sitting on the Microsoft platform, limit by network, domain join and more – some of them require Azure AD Premium. Need to fiddle with this, a client wanted to block specific clients from sync and access.

Prevent data loss

Multitude of different options here, from stop sync to Azure RMS / IRM – different requirements require different solutions.

Employee termination and retention

As we heard yesterday, files in OneDrive can now be retained for up to 10 years, that does not require a license.

Assign new permissions in the admin portal or forced sign-out (e.g. lost notebook or cell).


Audit events got a major update for SharePoint online and they can be queried with powershell. There are some usescases when this could be come handy for my clients (legal stuff & eDiscovery or people leaving the company).


There is a pretty cool workbook that guides you through core questions:

Chris has a lot of stuff on his blog:


Lots of demos (could not catch everything here, go watch the recording!), lots of insights and tips & tricks – I need to dive deeper afterwards.

The shown powershell scripts are super handy, I totally liked the style of the session!

Explore OneDrive for Business key features and roadmap

27 Sep 2016
September 27, 2016

My clients currently use OneDrive for Business quite a lot and there are still some rough edges – I hope in that session we get some insights what is coming soon. Here are my brief notes:


Rock Solid Sync

The robustness of sync has greatly increased (I share that experience).

Mobile Experience

The mobile experience has greatly increased, 4+ star rating in all app stores. Android and iOS app usage is high.


Office Graph

OneDrive highly uses (and contributes signals) to the Office Graph to enhance the user experience.

Security, Control and compliance

Security is key; IT can manage the OneDrive settings via the admin portal. More to come here, later.


Development & Extensions

Never had the usecase to extend OneDrive, but its valuable to know that there are options:


Work in Progress / Roadmap

“Recent files” is global on all apps, in the Office integration and the browser.

“Shared with me” is showing files that have been recently shared with you.

Search utilizes the Office Graph, same does “Discover”


File Preview

PDF experience improved, annotations are stored back to OneDrive

Adobe Photoshop, RAW files, Illustrator are rendered

Email (msg, eml) are previewed, too.

Video files: dynamically streamed now, the bitrate can be adjusted on the fly now


Folder Sharing

Folder sharing is now rolling out with a new experience. Sharing by link is now possible, previously only named users could access folders.


Copy & Move to

Selecting files give you the option to move or copy files to location where others already have access to. Once clicked there will be a hover that allows you to select teamsites where you can move the files to; the sites that are shown are generated by the office graph depending on your previous usage.

Sync & selective sync

Selective sync is coming to SharePoint sites – the demo that is shown was running on MacOS!


Office Integration

Sharing directly out of office in the top right

Improved Skype for Business integration, you can see changes in real-time, and you can click on the user profiles to see where the person is currently editing.

Activity feed: You get a button in the top right, eg. Word to see what has been changed and eventually rollback changes.



OneDrive will soon have real-time notifications, eg. a folder or file has been shared with you.

Active files

The OneDrive mobile app shows now what happens with your files once they are shared with others. With stats on the right:


Instant preview

In the OneDrive apps you now get an instant preview without opening an office app for that; currently only office files.

Admin center / OneDrive console

This is a big change! Admins can now give access to a users onedrive via the admin center on a per user basis. Additionally external sharing can be controlled.

There is a global OneDrive console to control external sharing globally, lots of settings that had to be done via powershell are now migrated to the new admin experience. Link expiry setting or a block list for domains is new to me, too.

You can now configure to retain data once a user leaves up to 10 years!


The roadmap screenshot was so packed, I barely could read it:

onedrive roadmap

I am most excited about the better SharePoint integration.

The “Scan” option that is coming to the mobile apps is handy, OCR integrated. Scanning business cards or receipts is a good usecase here.

Oh well, and of course OFFLINE FILES aka placeholders. I heard that yesterday in the SharePoint roadmap session and I am pretty excited about it:


My questions after the session

I asked two questions:

  1. When will the url length limit be increased? Answer: next year
  2. Why is selective sync slower than taking everything? Answer: open a support ticket, that should not be the case


Solid show! I really liked what I saw, OneDrive is really maturing. Reuben Krippner and Omar Shahine gave us great insights, thanks!

The answers to my questions were rock solid, I just added them here briefly so I dont forget them myself.

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