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3x Office 365 Developer Bootcamps: Munich, Berlin and Hamburg!

03 Oct 2017
October 3, 2017

There is something cool coming up! But who could explain it better than Jeff Teper?

You heard him right – a full day training, deep dive, one topic – for free! Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamps around the world:

Please join Microsoft MVPs Stefano Tempesta and Max Melcher for an all-day workshop in Microsoft Teams and Azure Bot Framework development!

To be successful in this workshop, you should have a general understanding of Office 365 and an ability to code in JavaScript/.NET. From there, you’ll learn the technologies Microsoft Teams and the Bot Framework are built on!

Based on that foundation, you’ll learn how to develop production-quality Azure Bots for use in enterprise solutions or product offerings. You’ll also learn to use and extend Microsoft Teams. The day will also include an overview of other development opportunities in Office 365, which can provide a tailored collaboration and productivity environment for end users.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the latest Office 365 development technologies!


Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp – Munich, Germany

Microsoft Deutschland GmbH | Walter-Gropius-Straße 5 | 80807 München | Germany
Saturday, 21. October 2017, 09:30 to 17:00

Go sign up quickly – tickets are almost gone!

Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp – Hamburg, Germany

Microsoft Deutschland GmbH | Gasstraße 6A | Gebäude M | 22761 Hamburg | Germany
Thursday, 2. November 2017, 09:30 to 17:00

Go sign up quickly – tickets are almost gone!

Global Office 365 Developer Bootcamp – Berlin, Germany

Microsoft Deutschland GmbH | Unter den Linden 17 | 10117 Berlin | Germany
Friday, 17. November 2017, 09:30 to 17:00

Some tickets are still available – go tell your friends and colleagues!

All events are kindly hosted by Microsoft – thanks for the great support! – we even get free lunch!!!


The agenda is 99% finalized and will look like this:

09:30 – 10:00 Welcome
10:00 – 10:45 Introduction to MS Teams
10:45 – 11:00 Coffee break
11:00 – 12:00 Advanced integration scenarios in MS Teams – hands on!
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch break
13:00 – 13:45 Introduction to Bot Framework
13:45 – 14:00 Coffee break
14:00 – 15:00 Advanced programming of Bots with LUIS and Cognitive Services – hands on!
15:00 – 16:30 Hands-on Challenge – hands on, of course!
16:30 – 17:00 Sharing & Networking

Bring your own!

You have to bring your own notebook and a O365 dev tenant to be part of the action!
If you have questions, please let us know in the comments.

Looking forward to the events!

p.s. there are plenty of other locations available outside of Germany:

Ignite 2016 – My SharePoint takeaways!

04 Oct 2016
October 4, 2016

Ignite 2016 is over and we all were updated with tons of new features, announcements and insights in Atlanta – in this post I will try to give you a summary what I learned at Ignite 2016 SharePoint Conference it Atlanta.

Office 365 and SharePoint Online

I took that one from the official source because it pretty sums up whats coming:

The next wave of innovations to achieve the SharePoint vision (simple and powerful file sharing, mobile and intelligent intranet, open and connected platform, commitment to security, privacy and compliance) contains the following highlights:

  1. A significant update to the OneDrive browser experience, so that you can find, access, share and collaborate on all your files in Office 365
  2. OneDrive sync preview for SharePoint Online document libraries and folders shared with you
  3. Team news to keep your team up to date and informed of what matters
  4. People cards in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business that intelligently surface content and details from your colleagues’ profiles
  5. New integration with Microsoft Flow, PowerApps and Yammer
  6. Preview of the SharePoint mobile apps for Windows 10 Mobile and Android
  7. Enhancements for developers including new sites and lists APIs in Microsoft Graph
  8. New security controls including site classification and conditional access based on location and device
  9. Feature Pack 1 for SharePoint Server 2016
  10. Expanded FastTrack services and tools to support hybrid configurations and migration

And the Roadmap for Q4 2016 and H1 2017 – I really like the transparency:

SharePoint Roadmap 2016 2017

Modern Pages / Modern Document Library / Refresh to Teamsites

I really recommend you to watch the entire session – some pretty good stuff in it:

In the next month we will see lots of updates to the modern document library experience, modern pages and updates to our beloved teamsites (about time!).

Every teamsite get a "News", "Activity" and "Links" section.

Every teamsite get a “News”, “Activity” and “Links” section. Tighter integration into mobile apps (right side)

And “modern pages” looks awesome, too. The promise here is that they will render on desktop, mobile browser and in the mobile apps – more on the apps late in this post.

People card

What I really liked is the new people card – more user-centric experience are always great. “Who is that person? What is he doing in the organization and what is he working on?” – cool!

SharePoint People Cards - a more user centric experience

SharePoint People Cards – a more user centric experience


Security & Compliance

As part of the Office news the following new security and compliance capabilities in Office 365:

  • Improvements to Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Advanced Data Governance
  • Updates to Advanced Security Management

And more insights with lots of graphs:

More insights what our users are actually doing!

More insights what our users are actually doing!

App Launcher

The new version of the Office 365 App Launcher gives you access to these new features:

  • Additional customization options
  • search across all the services and applications
  • A tabbed layout
  • You can resize, pin and organize tiles
  • Support for Office 365 themes

And in a not so distant future it will list your recent Office documents:


OneDrive for Business

Major updates to OneDrive for Business – as mentioned in this post, OneDrive caused a lot of service requests in the past – but it will massively improve with the coming updates!

  • Ability to sync SharePoint Online document libraries and OneDrive folders shared with you (preview available here).
  • An activity center has been added to the OneDrive sync client to allow you to view synchronization and file activity at a glance (preview).
  • Notifications to your iOS or Android device when someone shares a OneDrive file with you.
  • Access to SharePoint Online files in the OneDrive app on Android.
  • Multi-page scan enhancements in the OneDrive app on Android.
  • Ability to see over time how many people have discovered and viewed your files in OneDrive for iOS.
  • Enhancements to integration with Office 2016 (First Release).
  • Simple, flexible OneDrive user management in Office 365 (First Release).
SharePoint Online Sync Preview - finally you can sync the files from a teamsite

SharePoint Online Sync Preview – finally you can sync the files from a teamsite

These new features are in the pipeline:

  • Rich thumbnails and previews for over 20 new file types (rolling out before the end of 2016).
  • Ability to access and edit all your files in OneDrive and SharePoint Online from the OneDrive browser client (rolling out before the end of 2016).
  • Capability to download multiple files as a .zip file (rolling out before the end of 2016).
  • Dedicated OneDrive administration console in Office 365 (rolling out before the end of 2016).

More of that in my “OneDrive for Business – key feature and roadmap” summary.

PowerApps & Flow

That’s what excited me the most – whats coming after InfoPath, lots of clients asked me about guidance here. And well, the answer could be PowerApps.

I attended 2 sessions to see whats coming for PowerApps and Flow – and I will soon play with it because there is so much demand in forms and simple workflows. Having the same functionality even in a mobile app will be awesome (try that with InfoPath…).

  1. PowerApps works only if an internet connection is available
  2. Its currently in preview
  3. You can connect to data sources onPrem if you install a gateway service

Flow on the other side looks like the implementation of if this then that / IFTTT – simple workflows are possible here e.g. approval and all that stuff. The power of that come into play when you connect different tools with that (Salesforce, Twitter, Slack, SQL, etc).

Groups & Yammer

  • Better integration of Yammer in Office 365 groups
  • Uploading of files directly from SharePoint/OneDrive for Business sites, and edit them directly in the browser.
  • Share content by mail with Yammer groups
  • Manager Yammer within O365 admin center
Share files from SharePoint or OneDrive

Share files from SharePoint or OneDrive

More on that in the announcement blog post.

SharePoint Framework

Apparently I could not make it to any SharePoint Framework (SPFx) session at all – the conference was packed with so many good sessions that I had to make compromises. But lots of the Framework was already announced at May, 4th event.

My Analytics

Delve Analytics was renamed to MyAnalytics – the change of the name is already live in my tenant.

  1. Pinning of important contacts so you can easily see if you are loosing touch with important peers
  2. Share metrics with peers to get a review or opinion about your work habits
  3. Adjust your priorities to get better results

More on that here: Create better work habits with MyAnalytics (formerly Delve Analytics)

SharePoint onPrem

Feature Pack 1 was announced and will available in November – and not in Q1 2017

  • Logging of administrative actions performed in Central Administration and with Windows PowerShell
  • Enhancements to MinRole to support small environments (see my post here for more details)
  • A new OneDrive for Business user experience
  • Custom tiles in the SharePoint app launcher
  • Unified auditing across site collections on-premises and in Office 365
  • Unified taxonomy across on-premises and Office 365
  • OneDrive API 2.0

Q4 2016:

  • Feedback driven updates to doclibs, lists, pages, sites and apps
  • Team news
  • Intelligent People Cards
  • SharePoint mobile app WW Release (Android, Windows)
  • Next generation sync of team sites
  • Simple, fast site creation
  • SharePoint Framework WW Release

First half of 2017:

  • Feedback driven updates to doclibs, lists, pages, sites and apps
  • More web parts
  • Publishing Sites
  • More Flow and PowerApps integration
  • SharePoint Add-in improvements
  • Modern team site extensibility
  • Performance-focused CDN integration with publishing sites

SharePoint Mobile Apps

The mobile apps got a lot of love recently – and lots is on the roadmap for them. The “intranet in your pocket” with native apps on every platform is a great driver for user adoption.

SharePoint Roadmap

SharePoint Mobile Apps Roadmap

More details in my summary post Explore whats new and whats coming with the SharePoint Apps


SharePoint is alive! It was a blast to see how much attention (and love) SharePoint got at the Ignite 2016 – that hasn’t been always the case. The following PowerBI analyzed the hashtags on twitter during the Ignite – #SharePoint clearly ruled. I doubt that it’s because SharePoint people tweet more – the many announcements and huge amount of sessions must be the cause for that:

Microsoft Ignite 2016 delivered so many promising updates to current and planned developments nobody could doubt that SharePoint has a bright future! SharePoint ain’t dead!
If you want to see more about the general roadmap, visit for more insights.

If you have questions about Ignite 2016, please let me know in the comments. If wrote about every session I attended at Ignite 2016, please see the archives if you want more details.

Learn how #SharePoint is reinventing content collaboration: vision and roadmap updates

27 Sep 2016
September 27, 2016

The session by Jeff Teper will show us whats coming for SharePoint! Expectations are always highest.2016-09-26-15_14_35-myignite-learn-how-sharepoint-is-reinventing-content-collaboration_-vision-and

Here we go, Jeff enters the stage:


SharePoint ecosystem is healthy – we saw that slide already at May, 4th event: wp_20160926_14_21_34_rich


And now a very good overview slide of SharePoint and whats it good for:


Session Scope

In this sessions 4 major areas will be covered:

  1. Simple and powerful file sharing
  2. Mobile and intelligent Intranet
  3. Open & Connected Platform
  4. Security, privacy and compliance


4 parts



Let’s start: OneDrive

OneDrive Improvements

  1. New sync options
  2. Access all files
  3. Mobile app improvements
  4. Better file preview
  5. Deeper Office integration
  6. OneDrive file activity

The last point is Jeff’s favorite – who changed what file recently is really helpful!

Demo: File preview

RAW files, Streaming Videos, Adobe files incl. Photoshop files and Illustrator files – no more downloading required. Rich preview for email files (eml, msg) – in total 20 more files will be prerendered soon.

Demo: Mobile Improvements

The iOS OneDrive app has been shown, major improvements to file handling and navigation – looks neat!


Demo: Office Integration

There is a new integration option in the office backstage “open” menu. “Shared with me” shows all files that has been recently shared with you – awesome! That a great improvement for me, too. Additinally in the top right you can see the

Demo: One more thing – Placeholders will be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost dropped my notebook, Placeholders for OneDrive are coming back. They added a neat little icon to visualize that the file is not synced yet (the little cloud) and once you click on it you it downloads and opens. This will make lots of users VERY HAPPY and 72.000 votes will be returned on user voice. This makes me happy, too!72000 votes


Dan Holme on stage to show what is coming for SharePoint.

Dan Holme on stage

Better Office Graph integration to feed the SharePoint landing page (the SharePoint tile).

Improvements to Teamsites

Teamsites get a big refresh. Lading page now contains a news section, activity and looks much cleaner now. Wow, that was really necessary for such an core component. The same layout will be available in the mobile apps. Cool stuff!

New teamsite experience

Modern SharePoint Pages

render better on mobile phones, faster, beautiful

The new page experience is much more convenient compared to the old one. Adding webparts looks much easier, lots of content creators will love those improvements. Adding pictures is now simpler, too. Apparently i was so flashed about the OneDrive announcement that I forget to take a picture.

Office Graph everywhere


The new document library experience is out a while now, there are new improvements coming for this. Dropping a link to the library was one of the first examples.

Drag and drop to change status based on a grouping:

Drag and drop one entry to another group and the metadata will change

Drag and drop one entry to another group and the metadata will change


New Document experience will also support 3rd party extensions – we briefly saw a DocuSign integration.


Richer context information directly from the list view called “people card”. This shows more details about a person who modified the file. Jump to profiles.

People Card

User Profiles

The new user profiles will be overhauled, too. You can see a mini schedule on the profile page, what groups the user is in and more. The update experience of your profile page is more streamlined – awesome!

Microsoft Flow

Very brief showcase how to integrate Power Apps and Flow into SharePoint lists – super fast demo, more this week I think.


There was a joke with Jeff’s shoes – somehow I could not follow.

Planner, Yammer and integrations

Integration in Outlook, integration into Yammer – last but not least a new teamsite will have a new group, too.

Teamsites #2

Fast teamsite creation is coming to O365 – Dan created a new teamsite in less than 5 seconds. Neat!

Mobile and intelligent intranet roadmap

Open and connected platform

Easier start with open standards. SharePoint and lists will come to Office graph soon.

Open and connected platform roadmap

SharePoint Framework SPFx

Switch to client-side development, lightweb and super fast-  with mobile phone support. Teamsite and library extensions are coming.

SharePoint Framework


New options to limit access, printing, downloading and synching of documents if the computer accessing it is not a domain joined computer. Conditional access even by network location (IP range). The moment they leave the network (e.g. work)

Security & Compliance

Demo: Conditional access

The demo was simple. The presenter just switch to a different network – bam! No more access to the SharePoint library. Good stuff, many of my clients want that.

Due to organizational policies, you can't access these resources from this network location.

Due to organizational policies, you can’t access these resources from this network location.

Custom teamsite creation tags / site classification

When you create teamsites you can add tags to it and then add rules to it. In this case the confidentiality.

User Activities

In the new reports you can see activity and aggregated infos per user.

Usage and Insights per workload

Analytics per user, aggregated

Audit Log

Unified logging for both on-prem and online. Neat!

Centralized sign-out

Its now possible to log out users via the admin centers – on all devices.

Security & Compliance roadmap


Wow, what a fully loaded session – SharePoint’s future is bright! Really good stuff.

I highly recommend you to watch the session once its available online to get more insights about the SharePoint roadmap that I can transport in this post.

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