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Suggestions are a killer feature for search – same applies to Azure Search!

Performance for the lookup of the possible options in combination with a large index is a key here – scale scale scale!

I released version of the AzureSearchTool today.


I added all of the possible suggestion options – it’s a different search type so it needed a while to add it to my current implementation. But as the version number indicates, I am close to catching up with the main features. Did I mention that I added search as you type? And it generates this super verbose REST Url for you, too.

As of now all of the 12 query options for suggestions are implemented:



Maybe I will change the layout for suggestions soon – most of the times this feature will be used as type ahead – see this codeplex code as example:

Video – Suggestions in Action

Watch it in action, first without fuzzy then with it:

Next version – “facet all the things”

Before I release version 1.0 I will add facets support, that’s for sure! Maybe I will change the UX to support the facets visually – I will figure that one out while I implement it. Maybe I tackle the “Test Data” tab, too.

Do you have suggestions?

If so, please leave a comment or open an issue at the AzureSearchTool github page.

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