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ShareCamp 2012: SharePoint 2010 “Best Tools” (v2)

26 Apr 2012
April 26, 2012

At this year’s ShareCamp I collected the best SharePoint 2010 tools for IT-Pros and Developers. This year I extended the session with “the best solutions” – we ended with about 40 tools – and had a some fun during the session.

Some of them are a really “must-have” – others are “hidden-gems” and special purpose tools – go check them out!


You can download the slides with all the tools – for your convenience I added the links to all tools:

Whats your favorite tool / solution?

I would love your addition in the comments – please share them!

Missing FAST Search Center Template

26 Apr 2012
April 26, 2012

Ever wondered where the FAST Search Center Template is and why the hack its not there when you create a new site?

Start this little powershell and you can create it:

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