Wishlist: SharePoint 2013

31 Jan
January 31, 2012

Yesterday the SharePoint 2013 SDK (Preview) was released and that made me thinking:

What are my wishes for SharePoint 2013

  1. FAST for SharePoint as Service Application
    • That’s my top wish. Easier provisioning of FAST and easier (cheaper :)) licensing, e.g. coupled with ECALs, would help FS4SP to cover more ground.
    • The same applies to Reporting Services with SQL 2012 (Denali) so I think my wish could come true.
  2. jQuery Integration (no silverlight anymore! )
    • Drag and Drop everywhere
    • More ajax / WCF-Webservices
  3. Metro-Style MasterPages
  4. Better Linq for SharePoint
    • Support impersonation!
  5. Powershell everywhere
    • Configuring something in the Central Administration and the option to get the configuration changes as a powershell script – would love it! I heard somewhere that’s the way Exchange does it…


More wishes to come

I think that’s a good start, I will update the post with more wishes over time.

How about your wishes? Share them please!


Max Melcher

Maximilian Melcher (MCITP, MCPD) is a Managing Consultant for Alegri International Services in Munich, Germany. Max is a specialist in SharePoint technologies focused on search, social computing, web content management and collaboration.
Max has led SharePoint implementations for Dax 30 companies since 2009.

Max’s free time is spent on twitter mostly with a good coffee in his hands.
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